Election Day 2018: Ballot Problems In North Carolina

Ballot tabulators are not accepting ballots easily at some locations because of humidity. My ballot actually jammed in the machine.

I assume lawyers for both political parties are working with the Board of Elections to rectify the situation and make sure all ballots are properly processed.

Faces in Stone

While selecting stone for a counter top this weekend, I came across a very interesting piece, expensive.

I clearly see a figure in the stone, but I won’t tell you what I think it is. I believe the stone is called Honey Onyx from China.

What do you think?

PQQ Side Effects

Does anyone know if Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) can cause diarrhea?

I’ve noticed this side effect, but I don’t see any online documentation for it.

It has been a fantastic supplement for me, reducing brain fog, stress, and fatigue.

Walmart’s Remodeled Pickup Area Wows

Walmart has remodeled its online order pickup area in a major way.

The online order pick-up area has always had an improvised look and feel about it; the feel of something just being “stuck” somewhere. Waiting customers also had that “stuck” feel. So when I recently went inside to pickup an order, I really was surprised to see a check-in kiosk that will scan your order’s barcode and notify an associate to come fetch it for you.

And Walmart didn’t stop with a kiosk and some paint either. They replaced their infamous hard metal bench with some very comfortable chairs for you to rest in while waiting. They even have a little table beside the chairs for whatever you may want to place there.

As a customer, I was VERY pleased with the change, very modern, pleasing and comfortable.

Good job Walmart.

Now, work on the associate response times …


Apple Fixes .?123 Key Problem With iOS 12.0.1


When Apple released iOS 12, the .?123 button had been moved. This one little move caused untold agony and misery to its users. Why would someone do that? Unreal.


Apple has now corrected the problem by moving the .?123 button back to its original location with the release of iOS 12.0.1

Ahhhhh, back to where it should have been all along. Pure perfection.

Thank you, Apple.