January 13, 2017

Corbett Report Says Social Media Exodus has Begun

By Tim | January 13, 2017 | Tags: Tech |

The Corbett Report says the social media exodus has begun:

January 2, 2017

US Exit From UN Will Leave Israel in the Cold

By Tim | January 2, 2017 | Tags: , , Middle East, Northern America |

Calls for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations are intensifying, but a US exit may have an unintentional impact on Israel.

With the US out of the United Nations, resolutions hostile to the tiny nation would pass with ease; the tiny nation would no doubt be bombarded, harassed, and harangued without restraint; Israel would be left out in winter’s chill.

Though the United Nations may be loathed by many Americans, a voice of moderation, restraint, and common sense must remain in the international body. The US must use its considerable influence ($) to reshape the body, restore sanity, and get the organization back on track. And it must continue to be a buffer between Israel and those perpetually angry with it.

October 31, 2016

Colonial Pipelines Closed in Shelby County After Large Explosion

By Tim | October 31, 2016 | Tags: Northern America |

Colonial pipelines are closed again after a large explosion in Shelby county, Alabama.

Colonial Pipeline released this statement earlier today:

Colonial has shut down its mainlines in Shelby County, Ala., after reports of a fire on its right of way. Colonial personnel and emergency crews are responding.

Colonial’s top priorities are the health and safety of the work crew on site and protection of the public.

More information will be posted on www.colpipe.com as it becomes available and is confirmed.

Pray for the workers burned in the explosion.

WECT has the full story.

October 29, 2016

Trump, Clinton Match

By Tim | October 29, 2016 | Tags: , Northern America |

Whose Kung Fu is stronger? Can the Dragon Warrior defeat Kai?

October 21, 2016

Donald Trump: Stand Tall

By Tim | October 21, 2016 | Tags: , Northern America |

Best to you Donald Trump

June 14, 2016

For the Families and Friends of Those Gunned Down in Orlando

By Tim | June 14, 2016 | Tags: Northern America |

We seldom agree, but we Americans always care for one another. Here’s a beautiful song for you titled “Memories” from Elvis Presley:

Heartfelt condolences for you all in this time of deepest grief.

June 2, 2016

Blue Angels Pilot Killed in Crash

By Tim | June 2, 2016 | Tags: Northern America |

WKRN had excellent coverage today about the crash. I am disappointed however that the Media felt it necessary to release the pilot’s name before the next-of-kin notification process was completed.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the pilot’s family and friends. God bless you sir as you soar away on Angels wings.

Update 6/3/16: The Navy has identified the pilot as “Capt. Jeff Kuss, 32, of Durango, Co.” More details including a bio can be found at http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=95051

November 28, 2015

Does Donald Trump Make Sense For America?

By Tim | November 28, 2015 | Tags: , Northern America |

Barring a catastrophe, it looks like Donald Trump will most probably be the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

Can he make America great again or at least get the country functional enough to provide a future for its children?

The far Left and Right

Donald Trump won’t make the far Left happy nor will he make the far Right happy, but he does seem to have enough in him for both camps and people in the middle to be contented.

Getting things done

Donald Trump has the confidence, know how, networks, influence, and money to get things done. Entrenched Republicans and Democrats will not be happy, but they’ll work with him. Oh yeah, they’ll work with him.

Can Trump actually do it?

America’s career politicians have done nothing but destroy a great country. Perhaps it’s time to give someone like Trump a chance to succeed where others have failed.

Your thoughts?

October 21, 2015

US Military Fighter Jet Down in UK

By Tim | October 21, 2015 | Tags: , Europe |

Update 10/21/15 12:59 EST USAFE reports the pilot of the aircraft was killed. The F-18 was one of six transiting from Bahrain to Miramar. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the pilot’s family and friends.


A US military fighter jet is down in the UK. Preliminary reports say it is a USMC F-18.

No press releases from RAF Lakenheath at this time.

More at Eastern Daily Press.

June 22, 2015

The Saints of Charleston

By Tim | June 22, 2015 | Tags: Faith, Northern America |

“The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.” ~ Tertullian

Facing the end of their lives, some people wonder if they have made a difference, wonder if they even matter.

When I learned of the heinous crime committed in Charleston, I tried to pray, but the usual words just seemed to ring hollow. The proper words just weren’t there. People were hurting, grieving, angry about what had just happened. What should I say? What should I ask for? I found myself praying that God would somehow glorify His name through a seemingly senseless tragedy, crime.

Across our country, instead of seeing more hate and violence, something incredible seems to be happening. Love, forgiveness, a coming together in heartbreak and healing, trying to make sense of everything.

People are defying the cry of “Fool!” as they fulfill Jesus’ commands in Matthew chapter 5. Joy is filling the spirits of the broken-hearted.

In Isaiah 54:17, the LORD says “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me.”

Susie Jackson; Sharonda Coleman-Singleton; DePayne Doctor, Ethel Lance, Daniel Simmons Sr., Clementa Pinckney, Cynthia Hurd, and Tywanza Sanders can stand in glory today and boldly say praise God, our lives mattered.

God save America.