Palestinian Cartoon Shows Condoleezza Rice Pregnant With Monkey

Palestinian Cartoon Shows Condolezza Rice Pregnant With Monkey

A cartoon appearing in the Palestinian Authority’s daily, shows U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice pregnant with a monkey; the cartoon is mocking her statement about a “New Middle East” being born.


Source: PMW

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14 Replies to “Palestinian Cartoon Shows Condoleezza Rice Pregnant With Monkey”

  1. and one moe thing
    you smartyyy
    people are angry because
    when lebanon was being attacked the sameeee moments and same days—–!!! she said it

    it is disgustingggg
    she already made a statment about that without anything happening
    whats those that tell you…bunch of murderers–
    controlling the media for years and years
    and we still are ignorant to watch and be zombiesss…you know what i wasted my time–already–you deserve living like this 🙂 this is your limitation–movies-fighting other people and making movies and going to war that you created and as we say here creating a lie and believing it…

    we here make fun on how all your series and movies are cliche–
    weep weeep going to war–weep weep- jewish prosecuted–weep weep– come on for last 20 years all the movies and media and products are same and now —new invention–remakes!!! hahaha–so if i was u-id solved my own countries problem -my lullaby land

  2. and sweet heart we all know
    where slavery was invented!!!

    -!!!!!! no matter how you cover the truth—
    even black people know that number one haters and predjuice are you guys!!
    but since she is bought! i think she can sell her soul- and even her race!!

    where in any religion have you heard of a black figure..
    being special…
    please tell me..
    check out christianity and islam—
    one of first females to turn muslim was black women and first person to pray out loud was black man–
    bas im sure you know all this–
    listen go watch braveheart and all your movies and cry with the heros
    and weep
    but in reality when one country takes over another and kills its people and sells its land–then we call them bla bla bla…shame on you
    you still can even be talking–please go play with your playstation and eat some more and dont think–please leave the thinking to rice-she seems more smarter than you guys…she know what she wants!

  3. what are you talking about
    how do you know what palestinian think
    and besides what is she doing here in our countries and areas…im sure you have more problems to solve then taking over other countries resources and land
    and i hope you come to lebanon and palestine and syria someday
    honey we know more than you dream..your ignorant
    besides look up all inventions and you will discover they were all from our ancestors bas usual american!!!

    even colombus—was a lie…
    do your research!!!

    stole everything even other people’s land!!!

  4. Unbelievable! what has SHE done to them? She’s just trying to create peace and those rude people think they can make fun of her for trying to make THE dream come true. So angering! ❗

  5. chill. its from palestinian viewpoint. anyone who ever translated their language knows they cant think correctly.

    be more concerned about the nuke

  6. Everyone knows that they call black people monkeys when they wanna discriminate,so stop all that lying like: it isnt racist, they didnt know what they were doing,. They knew [edited] well what they were doing [edited] palenstinians always crying that the jew threat you bad bla bla bla but you aint no different men [edited] palestine….

  7. I do not believe that the cartoonist was aware of the fact that in american culture that is considered a racial slur.

    But when using such imagery you have to do your research as not to cause more faction between the U.S and the Middle East…

    And yes when an image such as this is showed to and american it will be considered racist….

    Think twice before you draw something…

  8. You are mistaken if you believe that this cartoon is not racist. In fact, I doubt that many non Muslims understand the complete significance of it.
    The ape is what the Muslims believe the Jews were turned into for “falsely” worshipping God on Saturday instead of Friday. Hence, it is ultimately racist on several levels and certainly malevolent.

  9. How the hell is this racist?

    The cartoonist is basically saying, “Condoleeza Rice’s ideas will give birth to a less intelligent, unevolved, having to be led around like children, middle east.”

    Yes it was not tactful to have a black woman giving birth to a monkey, the cartoonist should have researched that notion that western cultures, especially Americans, would make that connection ( Black-Monkey ), but this message is not what the cartoonist was trying to convey. For goodness sakes, if the message was to be racist, there are far more direct messages and images to convey that idea. And they wouldnt put a caption mentioning the birth of the Middle East!

    That’s pretty slick, taking a cartoon about a Middle Easterner’s view, and applying American-Born rasicm to it. Stay on topic America.

  10. Where is the MSM outrage? Shouldn’t we be burning stuff, flags, and killing each other over this cartoon? Oh wait, that is what the moon god worshippers do after Fridays prayers, and the MSM works for them.

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