Afghan Translator Sounds Off For Lt. Col. Allen B. West

The Allen West campaign has released a letter written by an Afghan translator. The translator worked for West during his time in Afghanistan.

Message: I am Abdullah 22 from Kandahar Afghanistan; I was Mr. Allen West translator for two years here in Kandahar Afghanistan.

I remember a time, not long ago that I was standing in the class room next to the podium translating the subjects of the Military systems for more then 40 Afghan Army officers, audiences, while Mr. Allen West was teaching, the officer’s rules-responsibilities & operational materials in the key piece of land where it is a decisive peak for the Taliban approach or is a day to day confront spot for the Multi-National Allies and the enemies of the Afghans and today’s world harmony. I believe that Mr. Allen’s Tactical Tasks is ever the useful tools for the Afghanistan National Army and his compatriots; Mr.Al is an example to everyone of what a true professional officer leader should be! I believe that Mr. Allen West protected more lives of the Afghan soldiers who are running on the ground along with coalition forces.

As an Afghan I know that it is not painless to fight against these anonymous and strange enemies of the innocent people. I commit to memory that Mr. Allen West has suffered at great risk in southern Afghanistan; he survived form many rocket attacks during night time while he was in a deep sleep stroked closed to his living barrack in Kandahar Air Field. But the next morning he uses to stand in courageous character in front of all officers to show them how to deny such actions of the enemy.

Mr.Al left Kandahar for his Home with a great progress and superb accomplishment to the growth of the Afghanistan National Army and his assigned teams. As I was on the stage and translating the words of the 205th ANA Corps Commander on the last day of Mr. Allen’s mission here in Afghanistan, the Commander told to Mr.Al, that you are the Hero of the Afghan National Army Corps and you made an excellent history for the Afghan nations, your memories of excellent leadership and mentorship will stay with us while you leave Afghanistan, In fact, that was a life-size show and after Mr. Allen’s departure from Kandahar deserts I immediately take notice of hearing form the Afghanistan National Army high ranking officers, asking about Mr. Al’s effectiveness to the Corp’s training status and mentorship, most of the officers here extremely willing to time regret.

It is clear that Mr. Allen West has Courage to live each day with Integrity and has commitment to care about each member of the family and the struggles they face. He has conducted and planned too much good constructive missions against the tricky enemies of the Afghan Peoples. As I see Mr. Allen West is an invincible leader, he has fought the war against terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, he is exactly the leader I would vote for, but unfortunately I am not the US citizen to have that privilege. He already went from beginning to end of terrorism family tree and realize what to do with.

Mr. Allen West spent his past two years with (Military Professional Resources Incorporation as a regional director) Kandahar Afghanistan it is the starting place of Taliban and other strange terrorists crossing form neighboring countries like Pakistan, Iran and as so. It is an infiltration rout for the enemy and has the closest border with extremists who are killing/slaughtering innocent people like a goat by one and other reasons. Mr.Al. has planed successful combat operation missions. He can always look back with pride at the great progress made by the 205th ANA corps and we will never forget that he was the only reason for their successes.

If you judge Mr.Al’s career against others, willing to get the position of his state congress chair than Mr. Allen West has a prosperous past and current line of business. In no doubt Mr. Allen can take care of his Florida populace as he use to while he was in uniform playing the role of an excellent Commander for his soldier.

To my knowledge he has the ability to protect his State borders, education, economy, and political competition with an adapted approach, because a hero thinks of others before they think of themselves that is what Mr.Al, is doing right now as a good and real leader fighting for his flag for his country for the better future lives of his people.

Since I know that he has already done this for the Afghanistan people in our won country, wouldn’t be much easy for him to put his experience in place and protect his homeland’s constitutional rights.

Dear brothers Lets select and support good leaders due to peace pervade every political terrain.

Soldiers fights for you, heroes die for you

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