Rev. Eric Lee Vilifies Jews Leaves Woman In Tears

Just yesterday, I linked an article by the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson about pulpit racism in black churches. Today I read of some comments by the Rev. Eric Lee, president and CEO of Southern Christian Leadership Conference of greater Los Angeles that left a Jewish woman heartbroken and in tears.

He spoke of a Jewish Rabbi, and then corrected himself to say “What other kind of Rabbis are there, but JEWS”. He told how this Rabbi came to him to say that he would like to bring the AA community and the Jewish community together. ” NO, NO, NO,!!!!” he shouted into the crowd, we are not going to come together.

“The Jews have made money on us in the music business and we are the entertainers, and they are economically enslaving us”

He continued as to how now the salvation has come and the gates have open for African Americans to come together behind Barack Obama, because now is the time to show them.(meaning the jews).

He continued to speak about ‘ White supremecy’ vs the talents and visionaries in the core of African Americans. He demeaned being given freedom, by saying “To what?” to a country that kills women and children.

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One Reply to “Rev. Eric Lee Vilifies Jews Leaves Woman In Tears”

  1. I am concerned with those who claim to relate to liberation theology and as a result spew anti-Semitic rhetoric. This includes Obama’s church and even Andrew Young. They ignore the fact that when Blacks took over the business’ Jews ran, the same business tactics took place. I am frankly disgusted with the Black activists who we once supported and I believe a vote for Obama would be a mistake.

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