Romanian Journalists Abducted

Three Romanian journalists have been abducted in Iraq ostensively to collect a ransom, but in the words of Eduard Ovidiu Ohanesian, “…we are from a poor country and we have no money.”

The Jawa Report—Three Romanian Journalists have been kidnapped in Iraq. The three victims are Marie Jeanne Ion, Sorin Dumitru Miscoci, and Edward Ovidiu Ohanesian (although the MSM is still reporting the last man as simply ‘Ovidiu’, his first name is Edward).

As we have noted many times before, paying the ransom demands of hostage takers often leads to more hostage taking…eh, Giuliana Sgena? …

Paying ransom to terrorists creates nothing but a vicious cycle of violence that has hurt so many innocent people.

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3 Replies to “Romanian Journalists Abducted”

  1. I’m an romanian that emigrated in US, and thou i fully understand the anger of the Iraqis, i will never understan how more killing and violence will improve the already messy situation.I know for a fact that those Romanian journalists had no bad intension.Yes, we have troops in Iraq, but what can we do, we are trying to integrate in this world, like Iraq will eventully try to do, we were not long ago in they’re shoes( maybe worse, we were lacking the oil).the troops that we have in Iraq are there because we have to have them, and becasue we do belive better days are ahead of iraqis.I respesct everybodys oppinions and views,if it will be in my power we wouldn;t have a war now.So … a s plea ….find peace in you heart and in the your kid;s eyes and set them free! Please!

  2. it’s so strinking that details about their kidnapping are so peculiar, eg all the details revealed by the the tape that the kidnappers sent! why?!

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