Presidential Debate #2

A terrific performance tonight by both President Bush and presidential candidate John Kerry. The debate was incredibly ‘robust’ compared to debate #1 with Bush practically brushing aside Charlie Gibson at one point to respond to John Kerry. It was hard to believe the change that visibly occurred in George W. Bush’s performance.

John Kerry reiterated the same campaign positions so in that he has been quite consistent.

The questions posed to the candidates could not have made the choice any clearer to Americans:

  • If you want a ‘liberal’ president, vote for John Kerry.
  • If you want a ‘conservative’ president, vote for George W. Bush.

The most glaring difference I noted between Kerry and Bush were their stands on abortion. John Kerry came out of the debate clearly as the pro-choice candidate, while George W. Bush cemented his image as the pro-life president even with his limited support of embryonic stem cell research.

I still believe that we have the right team in the right place at the right time. Kerry posits that the solution to Iraq and terror is as simple as getting the allies together again. John Kerry is either ‘naive’ or being disingenuous for continuing to posit that.

The stinging truth is that allies such as France and Germany have no intention of sending troops to Iraq even if Kerry is elected. Like it or not, the United States must solve the Iraq issue with the coalition allies that it now has.

One thing that bothers me is the voters labeled ‘uncommitted.’ How can someone truly be ‘uncommitted’? A person certainly knows in which direction they lean and I certainly don’t believe a debate is going to change anyone’s mind.

President Bush and presidential candidate John Kerry both performed well, but neither was the clear winner. A 50/50 draw seems apparent.

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