Katie Leung Target Of Hate Campaign

Actress Katie Leung, starring as Cho Chang in “Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire”, is being victimized by a hate campaign launched by Daniel Radcliffe fans:

Sympatico MSN—Katie Leung, who will play Cho Chang in ‘Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire’, has been the subject of vile racist messages from jealous Daniel Radcliffe fans on numerous Potter websites. …

Katie Leung is a beautiful young lady who simply does not deserve these hateful attacks. These attacks are so ridiculous. Come on guys, give the girl a break…

Katie has the full-backing of Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter series.

Hat tip: Capital Region People and S-Spot

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16 Replies to “Katie Leung Target Of Hate Campaign”

  1. I don’t hate or like Katie.I’m a Chinese.Dan doesn’t like her as his girlfriend, does he? It’s OK.

  2. All those ppl hu hate Katie Leung should shut the [edited] up. All u galz are jealous. Well so wat….All u galz dat hate KAtie leung are [edited] SLUTS! u hear me u [edited] SLUTS!!! MAn, give dat girl a break. How would u lyk it if u were hated and despised. Have u ever thought about dat, all u Katie Leung SLUTS. Did i say SLUTS? I meant [edited] all u [edited] who hate Katie Leung. Dont waste ur time on sumfin stupid…[edited]!

  3. 1.Why do the fans take time out of their day to stir up problems on the net? I know ya’ll are like,We don’t stir up trouble. But think of it this way: The people that don’t like Katie said she’s ugly don’t bash you fans for liking her do they? Not most of them. So the only reason people fight over it is because the fans jump all over the haters like hungry hyennas.All they say is that they don’t particularly like her. So your response is calling them jelous white sluts?*cough,cough Eurasian,cough* Well,another comment said that most white people think asians are ugly. Well,I’m white.I’m fascinated by asian culture. I think that asians look very exotic. So don’t waste your breathe on people that don’t like her. It’s very annoying,really.
    2. Haters need to just stop. They’ve never even met the poor girl. Why bother her? I’m not saying you can’t have an opinion,but please,cool it. She looks at her conmments and don’t you think it’s hurtful to see those things? How woulkd you like it if peple on the internet started calling you ugly and picking at everything that is wrong with you? People have flaws. You do to! So back off. Okay?

  4. All those people saying mean things about Katie Leung should just shut up! They’re just soooo jealous of her and couldn’t accept the fact that she’ll be working with Daniel Radcliffe. I mean what’s the big deal? It’s not like she’s engaged to him! It’s just a role in a movie. So to all the jerks out there…….

  5. i dont hate or like katie leung and i’m asian too… i think people are just jealousof her cause she go to kiss harry potter(dan radcliffe)so yea…. i mean i’m kina jealous that i didnt got to kiss him but that’s ok i mean he’s not the only guy in this world,,,there are some guys more attractive than him! the make up just makes him look more perfect.

  6. People need to grow up. It’s a Harry Potter movie for Heaven’s sake! I think Katie is pretty enough to play Cho’s part. I’m not asian nor white, but I think people need to get over it! Daniel is not in love with Katie, their are just fellow acting partners.

  7. ok..firstable..
    you kids up there calling people “white sluts” are as bad as those fans of daniel radcliffe that hate katie leung for being an asian.
    you should think about changing your ways of addressing others before you criticize..
    but yea..it’s pretty unfortunate that people have to be so cruel towards katie leung.
    all those rumors about her dad bribing and such. i surely hope it’s false..
    she’s gorgeous and i just hope daniel radcliffe doesn’t hate her like his fans. [=

  8. I don’t hate or like Katie Leung. ( I’m asian) People are jealous of her because of their “reason” . Some ppl are just of petty jealousy and others for personal reasons. All I just have to say is that good luck Katie and do a good job of representing us there.

  9. man, stop assuming that it’s only whites that are doing all the hating. i’ve noticed that alot of asian girls have been attacking katie, largely because their dissapointed that someone as ‘unattractive’ as her could be chosen to ‘represent’ the asian people. i understand their frustration though. there are not nearly enough positive images of asians in the media.

  10. I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!

  11. white people tend to think that they are everything and all that shits and although most of them think Asian people are less attractive, Katie Leung is definitely pretty Chinese girl so if you have a problem with that why don’t you go and get a plastic surgery and bury your jealousy? Okay, so she’s not like drop dead gorgeous but she has a cute face and it’s so fucking mean what some of you girls (mostly, I suspect) say about her. Bitches!

  12. neat freak: the attacks from both sides are sad, I really hate to see that.

    What changed your mind about an audition? Have you appeared in any films?

  13. right. oookay. I really don’t see what the big deal is with dan radcliffe. Not the attacks part, which is I agree wrong, but why do these people think daniel radcliffe will ever notice them anyway? I nearly went to the audition, but couldn’t be bothered in the end. Makes me pretty glad I didn’t go now.

  14. Katie Leung rocks!!!!!!! She’s .fine,ol u white sluts and fucking fans of danielle radcliffe,shud go to hell and dig ur fucking face on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. To all the Daniel Radcliffe fans who have mercilessly taunted Katie Leung: GET A LIFE you fucking white shits! Don’t you understand the concept of reality? Katie is prettier than you white sluts anyday. Pick on Chinese and you’ll be sorry. Fuck all you white sluts

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