Obama’s Unholy War Against Christianity

Good article this morning by George Neumayr.

At the American Spectator, Neumayr writes:

No, none of this is worrisome to Obama. His enemy is not Islam abroad, but Christianity at home. Indeed, if he treated Muslims the way he treats believing Christians in America, Muslims would call it a holy war.

As far as Obama is concerned, the only religion to be “reformed” — which is to say destroyed — is not the west’s historic adversary but its progenitor. Islam is peaceful, he pronounces, while traditional Christianity is bigoted and dangerous. Islam is a friend to America, while traditional Christians are, as Obama supporter Tom Hanks described Proposition 8 supporters, “un-American.”

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One Reply to “Obama’s Unholy War Against Christianity”

  1. Isn’t it overreacting to say Obama is at war with Christians. I mean all he’s done is establish a record of support of abortion and even infanticide, and he’s signed legislation for federal funding and support of stem cell research, and he’s bringing in Muslims into his administration, and…

    Uh oh. You people may be on to something with this “Obama war against Christianity” stuff.

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