Apple App Store White Screen of Death

My iPad has finally been bitten by the Apple App Store White Screen of Death.

The Apple App Store no longer works; all I get is a white screen. App update still works though. I’ve slogged through suggested fixes found on the Internet and Apple communities with no success.

…sad thing about this is there doesn’t appear to be any word from Apple that “hey, we know and we’re working to resolve this.”

Please Apple, don’t tell tell me it’s a feature, not a bug. Anyone hear Charlie Brown screaming?

Update 10/13/2012: well, I surrendered today. Cue Charlie Brown, “Rats!” I erased all content and settings after making sure I had a current backup through iTunes.

I remember feeling that I was finally free from the world of pc glitches and buggy software when I got the iPad. Chalk that up to naïveté.

After the wipe was complete, the setup process began. One dialog asked if I wanted to set it up as a new iPad or restore from an iTunes backup. I selected the restore. It took quite a while, but worked perfectly.

The Apple App Store is now completely functional. Let’s just hope this never occurs again…

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