Katie Leung “Cho Chang” Speaks Out About Hate Campaign

Katie Leung spoke recently with The Sunday Mail about the vicious hate campaigns waged against her. The campaigns began after it was announced she would portray Cho Chang in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”:

The Sunday Mail—Katie, 18, has admitted she was shocked at the abuse – which she never suffered as a child growing up in Motherwell.

But she has vowed the attacks will make her stronger. [. . .]

Best wishes Katie.

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72 Replies to “Katie Leung “Cho Chang” Speaks Out About Hate Campaign”

  1. y everyne hates katie leung it is not her fault she went to addiution n got the part it was her father who told her to go try rite and you might think i like her come on she is like way taller than me because i m only 12 you know n i hav seen one look alike in singapore o well anyone knows her email tell me add me to msn mine is jasper_twj@hotmail.com

  2. filipino, aren’t ‘cha, blair? all i can say is, if you pinays out there can hear me, don’t you think heart evangelista would have been better?

    hell, i heard they considered maxene magalona for the role.

    why couldn’t they just pick chiaki kuriyama? she was great as gogo in kill bill!

  3. sophia, not filming the harry potter movies won’t kill you. duh. it’s not like a life and death situation but i guess if were leung, i’d feel awful. but you know, she said she’s not affected by the hate that pops in the internet so why feel awful? she doesn’t care anyway, she said it herself. you can read can you? anyway, alva i don’t think it’s any of your business.

  4. i don’t hate leung but i should say she doesn’t deserve the part of cho. she got pick only for her scottish accent, she said so herself. and i think that unfair. there are a lot of young beautiful asians who fairly deserve the part more than she does. so god damn. i was disappointed.i agree with unsung. i think we have our own opinions so to all the supporters, please stop the shit your trying to pull. she doesn’t even know you. kaya tumigil na kayo kasi ang oa na talaga. putang ina.

  5. I think that all the stupid girls out their should cut all this stupid jealousy shit with Katie. God Damn ya’ll are jelous and when you post hate notes about Katie ya’ll look foolish. Harry Potter is not real life. Dan and Kate are’nt together. Even if they were in real life who cares. Ya Dan is good looking but he’s not the only guy in the world. Just for all this hating, I hope Dan and Katie do get together just so you stupid girls living in a Harry Potter dream world become even more upset.

  6. Heh, I guess I’m kinda late on the posting, yeah? Well, let me say this first. People are entitled to their own opinions, so if they wanna say awful things then let it go, but in return they should let go of the fact that things are the way they are because it’s chosen that way. She was picked, not because of luck, but because she had something that nobody else saw in her and that is something all you people who still hate her should accept, because when it all came down to being picked, it wasn’t your choice but the choice of whoever was making the movie (I know, I didn’t do as much research as I thought I did). I’m not surprised that she was shocked, hell I would be too if I was picked and then got all of these people saying that there’s someone better. Well guess what people, in the eyes of the people who were around her during that time and in the eyes of the people who picked her, she was the best choice for the movie. I’m kinda laughing now, just thinking about it, thinking about how many people think that this should be that but that’s not how things work. You’re not the one running the movies. You’re not the one running the casting, and sure as hell, you’re not the one running the thoughts through everybody elses mind. Now before you go on and tell me off about my comment, then remember this. This is my own opinion. I think that she was awesome in the movie and I applaud her, support her, the works. She was a great contribution, and you all should respect that.

  7. To all of those Katie haters I dont know what bug crawled up your ass.Really to tell you the truth,I feel sorry the way you are right now. Just because she got the Cho Chang part doesnt mean you can go and make her life a living hell.

  8. FyI I HATE PEOPLE WHO SAYS BAD THINGS BOUT OTHER PPl Esp To Innocent Katie!!It’s not her fault she got the part…she’s talented and pretty…in fact she may at times look like a slut and a bitch…well,that’s on the outside what bout in the inside…neway,i dun even know wat im saying but i realised dat now dat we cant judge a person by it’s looks and all…u can never judge a book by it’s cover…i have once been jealous of katie in fact,i still am but i must look at positive and bright side…so i hope u all realise that now…

  9. well anyone who reads my comment here has to know that i asian-malaysian.im a really huge fan of katie and i think she just great.im a supperter of hers.well someone like natasha is one of the sumbitches in the world or the ppl who r jelly(a green one) about katie.you have are really nasty and veil. katie dun listen to them.ure `wonderful preety sweet and goegeous juz the way u r. dun ever change that.

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