Star Trek Into Darkness Peers Into Human Soul

Star Trek Into Darkness peers into the human soul, into right and wrong, good and evil…

Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness begins with Kirk leading a mission that could have killed his crew, disobeying the Prime Directive, and losing his Command. Despite Kirk’s recklessness , his prior captain (Admiral Pike) gives him another chance and takes him on as his XO.

There is an attack on Starfleet and Admiral Pike is killed. Kirk is given command of Enterprise and sent on a mission to kill the one responsible for the attacks.

I can clearly see hints of Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiment as Kirk is led to question his orders: is all this just my desire for bloody revenge, what’s really going on? He really grows exponentially.

Kirk losing the Enterprise started some soul searching on his part I believe. His life was shown to be really bad, immature, and disqualifying him from leadership.

During the movie, I noticed some quietness in the audience due in part, I believe, to some introspective soul searching of their own.

I really couldn’t get over this script coming out of Hollywood and Star Trek. It really was wonderful for me and I loved it.

Star Trek Into Darkness is a wonderfully deep movie packed with plenty of action and twists (which I won’t disclose). Enjoy it before it leaves the theater.

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