The Bitter Irony of the Left’s Assault on Phil Robertson

Just a few days ago, Gay activists launched an all out frontal assault on Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson over comments made for GQ magazine.

The onslaught was so effective A&E promptly kicked Phil Robertson out on his hiatus—pardon the pun. George Patton would have been awed at the attack’s efficacy. The bitter irony is that Phil Robertson may have been the one man that could have sat down with them and discussed matters in a way that would make most people uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. Jesus had that ability, being able to broach a subject and talk with people about their lives, about God.

During a visit to Germany in 1987, former President Ronald Reagan gave a speech that still sends chills down my spine. He told Mikhail Gorbachev in no uncertain terms to “Tear down this wall!” We have in America, erected some sort of phantasmal wall that blocks out dissimilar voices, allowing us to live in a tranquil world where everyone is like us. When troubling voices seep through, we must attack and attack until they are extinguished.

Today, I can hear Reagan clearly addressing us: my fellow Americans, tear down this wall!

Whether in Monroe or the local coffee house in New York, both sides should sit down together and say, let’s talk, and really mean it.

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