The Creation Museum: Wonderful, but Crowded

I recently drove to Petersburg, KY, to experience Ken Ham’s Creation Museum. I figured it would be crowded, but I wasn’t prepared for the reality.

We arrived shortly after opening time, got in line, and slowly began to enter the labyrinth. It was like a line at Disney, only with no ride at the end. I didn’t think I was claustrophobic, but inching slowly along in that hot, steamy, mass of humanity [a slight exaggeration], I felt the strongest urge to get out of Dodge (which I did). For me, it was awful. There must be a better way of getting people into the museum. There were no staff along the way to ask about how to get out; I didn’t want to take a fire exit, so we kept moving along as quickly as possible. Anyway, I made it out alive.

Ok, bad news out of the way. We wandered around other parts of the museum for a while, then went back to the original entrance—no crowd now. We leisurely viewed and considered each exhibit. It was wonderful. We enjoyed it so much.

After enjoying the exhibits, we went outside and walked the garden trail. That too, was wonderful, very peaceful. We enjoyed the swinging bridge and the floating bridge going through the garden. Ken Ham was making out like Adam, because I didn’t see him anywhere.

My advice to you: go enjoy the Creation Museum, but don’t go at opening time—wait a little while; your patience will pay great dividends as you walk along and enjoy the museum at your own pace.

Ah, and the Ark Encounter; you must read my next post on that awesome beast.

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