The Ark Encounter: An Awesome Beast

In my last post, I hinted at the subject of this post—the Ark Encounter.

Pictures and words cannot prepare you as you lay eyes on the Ark for the first time. It is huge; it is incredible; it is one huge beast, jaw-dropping wow!

Entering the Ark, you tingle with excitement, thinking about what wonders lie ahead. The tour starts slowly but builds to a crescendo that leaves you bone-weary at the end. From the bottom of the Ark, to its top, your senses are on overtime. The exhibits are fantastic and so informative.

One thing that constantly struck me about the Ark is how clean it smelled. The Ark was built with a lot of wood, and that gives it a pleasant aroma—earthy, woody, so clean. I’m sure Noah would have wished it to stay that way throughout their voyage.

Along the way are short movies you can sit down to watch, don’t skip them, watch them.

The Ark is so roomy that I didn’t experience the sense of crowding that I did at the Creation Museum. There were a lot of people, but everything moved along nicely.

Oh, wear nice, comfortable shoes, because you’ll be doing lots of walking baby. I was thoroughly pooped after the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter.

Hunger, you will absolutely develop a killer appetite, so, by all means, eat at Emzara’s Kitchen when you need a break, Noah’s wife cooks up a mean buffet.

My advice to you: see the Creation Museum first, then go to the Ark. It will enrich your experience (in my humble opinion).

Blessings to you all.

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