Hurricane Harvey Disaster – Houston

One thing that hasn’t been talked about yet, is disease.

I’m certain there are lots of animal carcasses in the water, sewage, ruptured waste lagoons. Disease is a real threat.

Also, the United States Air Force needs to begin flying mosquito spraying missions as soon as the skies clear. Disease and mosquitos, quick action is absolutely critical.

The people right now are in shock, they are traumatized. Some will suffer for years from the psychological impact of this disaster. Some will never fully recover. My parents lost their home to Hurricane Floyd. My mother is still traumatized; every time a hard rain comes, she’s thinking about another flood coming. Former President Bill Clinton and former NC Governor Jim Hunt did a lot to get help down to NC via FEMA. It was greatly appreciated.

It is so difficult to think about the people who have lost everything: homes, clothing, family picture albums, everything. It is traumatizing. At this time, they’re thinking we need a roof over our head, a bed, water, food, clothes. In a few days, it’ll really hit them hard. Pray for them and send what help you can.

Recovery for Houston is not weeks away; it is years away. People are suffering. Pray for them and contribute to reputable charitable foundations like Samaritan’s Purse.

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