Bush Administration Wants To Deport All Illegals—Well, Maybe Not

While testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee today, Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff said, “Return every single illegal entrant — no exceptions.” I was pleasantly surprised by this news until I read Chris Kelly’s column:

The Immigration Blog—He wasn’t referring to deporting all illegal aliens. He was in fact only referring to those OTMs (“Other than Mexicans”) caught at the border. Most of them are given a notice to appear and released into the U.S. and never heard from again. He pledged to end that “catch and release” by adding new detention space. [. . .]

So guys, it’s back to ‘Smoke and Mirrors huh’?

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

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5 Replies to “Bush Administration Wants To Deport All Illegals—Well, Maybe Not”

  1. It is my opinion that the US is allowing too many illegal aliens to reside in our country, thereby using what resources we have to barely take care of our own. Our medical bills are much higher because we have to pay enough to make up for those that have no insurance. We have to build more schools and provide teachers to teach these children English so they will be able to go to school, not to mention the addional schools and teachers that are being required to accomodate these illegal aliens. Where will it stop? I feel sure that we could not go to other countries and reap the same benefits…..The government needs to stop this immediately. Senior citizens who live on a “fixed income” cannot continue to support the things that are required to accomondate these illegal aliens.

  2. Instead of being in Iraq minding everyone else’s business, someone needs to round up all the illegals and send them packing. I am 67 years old and living on social security after Carolina Investors Fraud stole all my money. This year all of our schools either rebuilt or doubled in size. My $600 tax bill went to $1350. You can’t go to the laundry mat, the social security office or even Wal-Mart without being run over by a gang of illegals. My social security check does not support me. I sure can not cont. to pay higher medical bills because we havee been invaded by illegals who go to the hospital for ever little problem and they do not pay their bill. I can not build schools for their children. PACK THEM UP NOW AND SEND THEM BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME. Citizens who built this country are being run out of their homes to support the ILLEGALS. send them back now!!!

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