Walmart’s Remodeled Pickup Area Wows

Walmart has remodeled its online order pickup area in a major way.

The online order pick-up area has always had an improvised look and feel about it; the feel of something just being “stuck” somewhere. Waiting customers also had that “stuck” feel. So when I recently went inside to pickup an order, I really was surprised to see a check-in kiosk that will scan your order’s barcode and notify an associate to come fetch it for you.

And Walmart didn’t stop with a kiosk and some paint either. They replaced their infamous hard metal bench with some very comfortable chairs for you to rest in while waiting. They even have a little table beside the chairs for whatever you may want to place there.

As a customer, I was VERY pleased with the change, very modern, pleasing and comfortable.

Good job Walmart.

Now, work on the associate response times …


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