Al-Qaeda and MS-13 gang collaboration

A Washington Times article today revealed that Al-Qaeda is seeking ties with MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha), a violent Salvadoran gang:

A top al Qaeda lieutenant has met with leaders of a violent Salvadoran criminal gang with roots in Mexico and the United States — including a stronghold in the Washington area — in an effort by the terrorist network to seek help infiltrating the U.S.-Mexico border, law enforcement authorities said.

U.S. President George Bush contends in a NewsMax article “that illegal immigration was driven primarily by the economic realities of the region. ”

What concerns me is not the guy looking for a job, but the guy looking to blow up something in the United States. The United States simply has to do a better job protecting its borders. Picking up some illegals here or there probably will not catch the Al-Qaeda operatives that are paying big money to be smuggled in.

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