Help Marlie Casseus

Can’t someone help Marlie Casseus? Couldn’t the hospital donate funds to cover her stay if the doctors can operate for free? This is America, now come on and help this poor child:

WKMG—A team of doctors in South Florida are prepared to help a young girl who has a rare 16-pound tumor growing on her face if enough money is raised to help the child, according to a Local 6 News report. . . .

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3 Replies to “Help Marlie Casseus”

  1. I’ve read that it would cost $95,000 which is supposed to be for use of hospital services. The hospital has said that it couldn’t waive the fees because the hospital is funded with public monies.

  2. how is it that it will cost 950K for an operation doctors are not charging for? Thats one exspensive room! Does Oprah Winfrey know about this!!

  3. I think it is deplorable that this young girl and her family must BEG for help. When ‘reality’ TV shows give basically normal people cosmetic surgery that really isn’t necessary we should be able to step up to the table and give a girl surgery that will save her life. She has compromised respiratory health. She has compromised MENTAL health, I am certain. Come on, let’s help this girl.

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