Walmart’s Remodeled Pickup Area Wows

Walmart has remodeled its online order pickup area in a major way.

The online order pick-up area has always had an improvised look and feel about it; the feel of something just being “stuck” somewhere. Waiting customers also had that “stuck” feel. So when I recently went inside to pickup an order, I really was surprised to see a check-in kiosk that will scan your order’s barcode and notify an associate to come fetch it for you.

And Walmart didn’t stop with a kiosk and some paint either. They replaced their infamous hard metal bench with some very comfortable chairs for you to rest in while waiting. They even have a little table beside the chairs for whatever you may want to place there.

As a customer, I was VERY pleased with the change, very modern, pleasing and comfortable.

Good job Walmart.

Now, work on the associate response times …


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Republic Wireless Bringing The People What They Want

Republic Wireless is bringing the people what they want.

What exactly do the people want? How about no contracts? Affordable plans that don’t break the bank? Affordable plans? Yes! Republic Wireless has four plans starting at $5 a month. That isn’t a typo; they really have a $5 plan which is wifi only with unlimited talk/text/data. I’m trying the $10 plan which gives you unlimited talk/text over cell, and unlimited data over wifi.

The plan I’m on doesn’t give me data over cell, but with so many wifi hotspots, I’m really not missing it. Switching to Republic Wireless is saving me lots of money and the network itself has been great for me.

You want an affordable plan? Republic Wireless has a plan for you.

I compromised nothing by switching; I gained. And I’m happy.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for writing this post. It reflects my personal experience with the company.

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Sniff, Sniff, No More Twinkies?

Twinkies are apparently riding off into the sunset today as neither workers nor Hostess could come to an amicable agreement.

Twinkies aren’t healthy, but confess, you love’em. And who can forget lovable Sgt. Al Powell in Diehard (1988)? He loved his Twinkies didn’t he?

Twinkies gone? Extinct? It’s difficult to fathom. Wow, gone…I feel like hoarding Twinkies…

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Gov. Perdue Vetoes Fracking Bill

Good news out of North Carolina, Governor Beverly Purdue has vetoed SB820. WRAL says the bill is supported by Republican leaders in the House and Senate. I hope republicans will allow this bill to die a well-deserved death and not challenge her veto.

Gov. Perdue hasn’t done much that I support, but this is one of them. Good decision Governor.

Say No to Fracking in NC is following developments closely. Check in with them for more.

Well, so much for that; the NC Legislature voted to override the governor’s veto. Most surprising is a yea vote by environmental rising star Rep. Susi Hamilton.

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NC Winter Wheat Crop 2012

Living in North Carolina, you can’t help but notice the large fields of wheat we have this year.

NC wheat field 2012
NC wheat field 2012

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, North Carolina farmers planted about 830,000 acres of winter wheat. That is up 19% from 2011. Corn plantings were up 3% this year, totaling about 900,000 acres. I haven’t seen any corn though.

Dan Weathington, executive director of the North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association, told Southeast Farm Press that yield potential for wheat is “running up to 80 bushels per acre.”

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Vitacost Pulls Ads From Rush Limbaugh Show

The latest advertiser to pull its ads from the Rush Limbaugh show is Vitacost.

In a Facebook posting, Vitacost said:

We’d like to address an issue with our radio ads — one of which aired on the Rush Limbaugh radio show. To put it frankly, Mr. Limbaugh’s recent comments have been unsettling, and many of our fans have voiced concern that Vitacost endorses these views. These comments are definitely not in line with our brand values, and in listening to our fans we’ve decided to remove our advertising from the program.

Rush really shot himself in the foot over Fluke didn’t he?

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Should Fracking Be Banned?

Should Fracking, a controversial process to unlock natural gas reserves, be banned?

With new research pointing a finger at Fracking as the cause of some earthquakes and concerns that the process is contaminating aquifers, perhaps it should.

Doubts concerning the process are certainly growing. What is your opinion on Fracking?

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