Apple Tanking

Apple is finally tanking because it forgot who made it rich—the customers.

I love Apple products, but Apple doesn’t even know I exist. Sad statement.

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Faces in Stone

While selecting stone for a counter top this weekend, I came across a very interesting piece, expensive.

I clearly see a figure in the stone, but I won’t tell you what I think it is. I believe the stone is called Honey Onyx from China.

What do you think?

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Tide Pod Wisdom

People have lost their minds. Really.

Knowledge is knowing Tide Pods are for cleaning. Wisdom is knowing they aren’t for the mouth…

I’ve never used Tide Pods. How well do they clean dirty laundry?

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Jarritos is Super Good!

Jarritos is Super Good! Absolutely, no doubt about it.

My introduction to Jarritos beverages came from playing the iPad version of Each time your “worm” dies, you have to view an advertisement before being allowed to respawn and play again. Usually, the ads are boring or obnoxious. However, I began seeing ads for Jarritos and those soft drinks looked so good. I finally gave in and went to Walmart to buy some.

I purchased a few bottles of their Mandarin orange drink. I was thrilled to see that the drinks were naturally flavored and used real sugar. I chilled my bottles, then tasted the drink. It was awesome, refreshing, and I loved it. Thank you for introducing me to Jarritos. They have a new fan!

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Big Mac Lovers prepare to be amazed

Big Mac lovers, prepare to be amazed!

McDonalds has released a beast from its kitchen.  This beast is the Grand Mac with 1/3 lb. of ground beef.  It’s everything we love and more of it!  I tried one today and was not disappointed.  The burger itself was a filling meal and so tasty.  I only have one question for McDonalds: why did it take so long? Got to have another, soon…oh, and please don’t tell Hamburgler.

Thank you McDonalds.

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2017 Honda Civic LX review is coming

I bought a 2017 Honda Civic LX with a 6-speed manual transmission yesterday.   So far, I can say it’s sweet.  I’ll add to this post after a few days of driving.

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Anonymous takes down Child-Porn Sites in the Dark Web

Good news this morning from Justice For Children Without Voices:

“#Anonymous shut down thousands of Dark Web sites for hosting #childporn and in total over 10,000 (around 20%) websites on the Dark Web were hacked! Good job fellas!!!”

HackRead reports on the takedown:

“Anonymous, as you may know, is a notorious group of hacktivists having footprints across the web including the #DarkWeb, where all sorts of illegal activities like child pornography and drugs dealing are carried out secretively. It is a widely-known fact that Anonymous is a dedicated group that always targets and attacks service providers, organizations and institution that somehow negate or violate human rights. So, when anonymous got a hint about the child porn services on the Dark Web, there was bound to be some fireworks. …”

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The 8 Cardinal Virtues of George Washington Carver

In a thank you note penned during 1922, George Washington Carver advised his students to possess these 8 Cardinal Virtues:

  • Be clean both inside and outside.
  • Who neither looks up to the rich or down on the poor.
  • Who loses, if needs be, without squealing.
  • Who wins without bragging.
  • Who is always considerate of women, children and old people.
  • Who is too brave to lie.
  • Who is too generous to cheat.
  • Who takes his share of the world and lets other people have theirs.

America needs more men like George Carver.


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