The BeanBoozled® Challenge

I finally did it; I took the BeanBoozled® Challenge.

My child had pleaded for the BeanBoozled kit for quite a while so I finally ordered it from Amazon.

We played three rounds. My first jelly bean was baby wipe flavor, not too bad. I can’t remember the second one, but I distinctly remember the third—it was rotten egg.

It wasn’t so bad at first so I tried to finish eating it. But the more I chewed the worse it got. I had to spit it out before I got sick. It was really awful.

We had a great time playing the game and had some great laughs. Unfortunately, there are plenty of awful flavors left to try— like Canned Dog Food…

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Google Voice Transcription, a Mood Enhancer?

Google voice transcription, a mood enhancer? Well, sometimes.

Google tries really hard to transcribe voice, and most of the time it works well. But sometimes we get funny results like this one today:

“What You Mean. I see estimate, hey dad it’s only she’s got that I told him I wanna be. It is the principal long. Today is Friday, September 25th. 2004 thing we got a lot of things going on this Saturday 1st all addiction, ingestation contest will be held in a couple of data for that which is the students at 11:30 AM, the not here so will be hosting the food and the cultural boys intake of mole fixable at Richard cheap Aqua couple…”

I laughed a little after reading it, and that’s a good way to end a day of terrible news isn’t?

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Dawn springs marvelously upon autumn trees,
   birds erupting in exuberant song.
Dusk sets softly upon them,
   the birds and the trees.
Through shushing leaves,
   and melodies sweet,
autumn arms bid all to sleep.
Rest now, it seems to say,
   I’ll wake you when the morning dawns.

~ Me ~

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What Ifs About My Tilley Hat

For some odd, unidentified reason I feel like offering a hypothetical question today about Tilley Hats. Here goes:

What if my hat gets blown off, grabbed by a racoon that is taken by an eagle, then dropped and caught by the wind and blown into the Kalahari desert? What do I do? Hmmm, well, one thing is for sure, there will be one happy bushman when he finds it.

By the way, I’m pretty sure Tilley would replace it.

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Armstrong Grand Illusions: Snap, Crackle, and Pop

I’ve been installing a new floor in my home using Armstrong Grand Illusions.

It isn’t a quiet floor, lots of snap, crackle, and pop. I tried to level the floor as best I could, bracing where necessary. I still have problems with noise.

I’ve had several boxes replaced because the laminate face was separated straight out of box.

I’d never do another laminate install on an elevated floor. On a slab, I’m sure it’s fine, just not on a wood frame floor.

The Armstrong floor is beautiful, just noisy.

Tell me about your experience using Armstrong flooring.

Update 9/27/2012: I’ve installed another section of Armstrong’s Grand Illusion flooring. It’s a new model with a different locking mechanism that is incompatible with the previous model.

There is a lot less snap and crackle. I don’t know if it’s the new locking mechanism or a more level floor, but there is a lot less snap, cIt looks great. I’ll update this post as time goes by.

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Free Product Contests Are Getting Ridiculous

Free product contests are getting ridiculous.

Have you noticed all the hoops they have the hopeful jumping through? It’s just pathetic. Those things are like trying to understand the terms of your life insurance policy. Good grief…

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Virgin Organic Coconut Oil Taste Test

I’ve been using Nutiva brand organic extra-virgin coconut oil for quite a while now, but I’ve decided to give Tropical Traditions a try.

I’ve ordered, yes ordered as in paid for, Tropical Traditions organic Gold Label Virgin coconut oil.

When it arrives, I’ll do some taste testing and some cooking and let you know which one I believe is best.

This is one test that I’m anxious to get underway!

Update 10/4/2011 I received the Tropical Traditions Gold Label coconut oil today. Initially, I’m unimpressed. There is no coconut aroma at all and I can’t say there is any flavor.

More later.

Update 10/5/2011 The oil was solid when I received it yesterday, which may account for its lack of aroma. I melted some in a pan and cooked with it this morning. Much more coconut aroma.

More later.

Update 10/30/2011 I don’t know about purity and lauric acid content, but I really think Nutiva has a superior flavor and aroma, so I’m going to stick with them.

Congratulations Nutiva.

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