PQQ Side Effects

Does anyone know if Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) can cause diarrhea?

I’ve noticed this side effect, but I don’t see any online documentation for it.

It has been a fantastic supplement for me, reducing brain fog, stress, and fatigue.

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Angular Cheilitis Help

Looking for help with Angular Cheilitis? Me too.

I made an appointment with a doctor about my case. Total waste of time and money. He told me it seemed that I was following the suggested protocols. Nothing was working though.

Then I stumbled upon a comment that suggested a problem with an ingredient in tartar control toothpaste and another advising that Curad Silver Solution Antimicrobial Gel helped.

I discontinued the toothpaste that I was using that contained the suspect ingredient and began treating the area with the silver gel I found at Harris Teeter. I saw quick results and I am so happy.

I don’t know which course of action cleared the Angular Cheilitis but I suspect the silver gel helped the most; it’s just a guess though.

Anyway, relief at last!

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Vitamin D Deficiency:  A Silent Epidemic among African Americans

Vitamin D Deficiency:  A Silent Epidemic among African Americans

February 21, 2013

Rita Umile

Vitamin D has been big news in Public Health recently, as research indicates that its role in the body extends far greater than simply ensuring bone health through the prevention of such diseases as rickets, osteomalacia and osteoporosis.

Studies also suggest that achieving and maintaining an adequate Vitamin D blood serum level, as determined by a 25(OH)D blood test, is essential to the prevention and treatment of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and type 1 diabetes.  Additionally, Vitamin D appears to play a protective role in cardiovascular health, various types of cancer, autism, depression, schizophrenia, and respiratory conditions such as cystic fibrosis.

It is no secret that the number of health conditions positively influenced by maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin D seems to increase daily.
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Choking Self-Rescue Video

This video posted to YouTube shows Jeff Rehman demonstrating how to self-rescue if you are choking:

Rehman cautions that nothing is 100 percent effective and the technique may not work if you’re pregnant.

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Suffering From Gastroenteritis

Suffering from gastroenteritis.

I actually went to the ER early this morning for dehydration, vomiting, and the runs.

Still not feeling the best, but better than I was thanks to the good folks at Rex Healthcare.


9/30/11 I’m feeling much better today.

Yesterday, I was adding some organic coconut oil to my chicken broth/rice soup. It seemed to be handled very well by my body. I was also taking a scoop of Nutrabio non-denatured whey protein concentrate in a glass of water with some brown sugar. That was very satisfying and kept me feeling good for quite a while.

I also ordered Nature’s Way Primadophilus® Optima and Nature’s Way Primadophilus Reuteri Pearls from Vitacost to help in my recovery.

I’ve lost about 7 pounds, which is big yippee! for me. If only I can keep that up for a while. I’m afraid my appetite is going to return with a vengeance though.

There were several others in the er at the same time as me. That makes me wonder if the stomach flu bug is going around Raleigh. Maybe I’ll just STAY at HOME and EAT at HOME…

10/11/11 I’m still suffering the after-effects of the gastroenteritis. Maybe it was food poisoning; who knows…still suffering bouts of occasional diarrhea after eating and some abdominal discomfort too.

10/30/11 I’m still suffering with some sort of gastric problem.

A week ago, nausea and diarrhea kicked in again. Fortunately, I had some Zofran tablets that really kept the nausea and vomiting away. Whew, thanks GSK. Diarrhea, that’s another matter. I went to see my regular doctor. He gave me something for that and it helped a lot as well.

Seven days after this latest outbreak, I’m feeling better. I hope tomorrow will show a continued improvement. Wow, this stuff has been so bad. I know I’ve lost over 10 pounds.

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Natto On The Neuse

Natto on the Neuse

Well, it isn’t really on the Neuse River, but it is an incredible title!

After reading about how good natto is for you, and after tasting an EXPENSIVE variety from Japan that I purchased at our local Asian store, I’ve decided to ferment my own from organic, non-gmo soybeans.

Natto bacteria

Man, they must keep that stuff in Ft. Knox; it’s incredibly hard to find, but I’m looking at some online sources.

If anyone has any natto fermenting tips, send them on!

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Diet Soda May Up Your Stroke Risk: Study

A new study suggests that your diet soft drink may increase your risk of stroke:

A new study suggests that regular intake of diet soda may be boosting the risk of stroke. Stroke is the third leading killer following heart disease and cancer, in the United States. More than 137,000 people a year die from stroke, according to the American Stroke Association.

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