Blog Addiction

Riding Sun has a humorous post to start your day, here’s a peek:

Riding Sun—You know you’re addicted to blogging when…

…the newspapers are full of stuff you read about last week.
…you accidentally sign work emails with your blogging alias.
…there are no longer any porn URL’s left in your browser history.

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Of Blue Lights And Wildebeest

Yesterday, whilst the ALIEN was trying to burst from my pounding head, I got to thinking about something we see almost everyday—police pulling speeders on America’s highways—and how similar it is to life on the African plains.

From my childhood on, I’ve always enjoyed nature programs about African wildlife, especially lions. Lions stalking prey, the sudden attack and the after dinner socialization fascinated me. I felt sorry for the Zebra and Wildebeest, but then that’s the way of nature. The animals rarely got upset about losing a comrade and seemed happy enough afterwards. Well, they may have been a little upset and talked amongst themselves about the latest victim, “poor ole Fred, he always was a little slow. It’ll never happen to me though, I tell you what…”

In America, we all zip along until we see the blue lights pouncing on us. In that moment of vulnerability, we quietly beg “please don’t let it be me…” And then we gawk in amazement as we drive by the latest victim and with a sigh of relief, we zip merrily along.

Yeah, I love nature programs.

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Frugal Inauguration Hailed By Special Interest Groups

A sputtering we will go:—President George W. Bush arrived 45 minutes late today for his inauguration after the presidential moped broke down enroute. The President had instituted certain ‘cost saving measures’ after inaugural costs were roundly criticized as ‘extravagant.’

The simple inaugural ceremony was lightly attended as many dignitaries had decided to stay home after being notified that mopeds would be the preferred means of transportation to the Presidential Inauguration. Later in the evening, everyone scooted over to the local cafeteria for a hearty helping of ‘country style steak’, rice with gravy, candied yams, corn and fried okra.

Special interest groups hailed the frugal inauguration as ‘just’ in light of what our country is going through …

Obviously, this news release is totally fictitious; I just wanted to take a humorous ‘jab’ at the folks complaining about inaugural costs. Maybe it is too much money, maybe it isn’t. But, I believe the Office of the President of the United States is worthy of a grand celebration every four years, no matter who holds the office.

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Canadian Cowboys

I just could not resist posting about this story, forgive me Canada:

WRAL—Police in Regina found a bare-butted cowboy hanging from a fence. It seems the Canadian cowpoke had a little too much to drink at an agriculture festival Saturday night.

And we wonder why Canada isn’t fighting alongside the United States in Iraq…seriously though, I really do love Shania tw…I mean Canada.

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