Did Kerry Cheat?

I would like to take this opportunity to update a story that ran a few days ago:

INDC Journal:

“What he takes out of his pocket … I’m almost 99% sure that it’s a pen. It’s a black, oblong object,” a FOX News producer told INDC Journal.

Let’s leave it at that. The debate rules were violated in letter, but not intent, and any charges of cheating against the Kerry campaign are undeserved and inaccurate.

A ‘big’ thanks to INDC Journal for staying with the story.

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Dick Cheney, The Good Man

Vice President Dick Cheney was not at all the mean ole codger that the main stream media has led us to believe he was.

The Dick Cheney I saw at the Vice Presidential debate tonight was a friendly man, open to conversation, polite, even jovial at times. He was the type of man you’d meet for dinner at the local diner and talk about what Dan Rather had to say that day. As it turns out, the media elite had him figured all wrong.

Mr. Cheney, it was a pleasure to meet you tonight…

Check out the commentary at Wizbang!.

Link update: Also take a look at INDCJOURNAL. There is some great commentary there about the debate.

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Vice Presidential Debate Analysis

A special thanks to Gwen Ifill for offering a more balanced question line.

Dick Cheney was clearly in control. He was calm, comfortable, resolute, and in control of the facts. Listening to the Vice President speak gave me complete confidence that we have the right team in the right place at the right time. Complete confidence…

John Edwards appeared nervous and fidgety. He stuck to the Kerry/Edwards campaign line and left viewers without an increased feeling of confidence. His responses to the questions posed by Gwen Ifill left more questions and more uncertainties than he resolved.

Vice President Dick Cheney and President George W. Bush are the clear winners of this one and only Vice Presidential debate.

Link update: Check out what Michelle Malkin has to say.

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Cheney vs. Edwards

Tuesday night, Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney will square off against John Edwards at CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY in the only Vice Presidential Debate scheduled for the 2004 Presidential campaign.

Edwards will meet a seasoned opponent; Cheney will meet a skilled and polished trial lawyer. The most noticeable difference between them is age. I believe people tend to fawn over John Edwards for just that reason.

Cheney certainly has a ‘gruff’ exterior, but I would remind everyone that the United States is at war with a foe that shows no mercy. I fully believe that at this time in our history we need people like George Bush and Dick Cheney, people that can meet an enemy head on and never blink.

Imagine having President John Kerry and Vice President John Edwards September 11th, 2001. I doubt that we would be in a protracted conflict in Iraq and Afganistan today had that been the case. President John Kerry would simply keep Osama and Sadaam off balance by changing positions, Vice President John Edwards would keep them tied up in the International Court of Justice with endless lawsuits.

I apologize for being so cynical in my opinions of John Kerry and John Edwards. Truthfully though, John Kerry is like a sailboat that sails with the wind and when I consider John Edwards, I think of how much my medical insurance costs.

The Kerry/Edwards team might indeed run the country quite well someday, but not today…

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Did John Kerry Cheat At The Debate?

Not that John Kerry needed help, but Wizbang! is following a story by INDC Journal that indicates John Kerry may have cheated at debate #1 by bringing a note of some sort with him.

INDC Journal:

John Kerry brought prohibited material into last Thursday’s Presidential Debate. From section 5, pages 4-5 of the binding “Memorandum of Understanding” (pdf file) that was negotiated and agreed upon by both political campaigns:

(c) No props, notes, charts, diagrams, or other writings or other tangible things may be brought into the debate by either candidate.

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School Band Refuses to Play for President

I’m sitting here feeling so disgusted, I have just read that The Parkland High School Marching Band in Allentown, PA has refused to play for the President of the United States.

The district questioned the legality of using the public funds that support its band at a partisan event.

Read the story here

Partisan? Give me a break, what could be more partisan? A band should play for any President, regardless of their politics. I never cared for President Clinton much at all, but he was the President, he was ‘MY’ President and I did attempt to afford him all the respect he was due as President of the United States. I remember seeing President Clinton in Marine 1 surveying the destruction in Eastern North Carolina after Hurricane Floyd, it was a proud moment for me. Though I disagreed with him wholeheartedly about a great many things, he was ‘MY’ President.

Attempting to avoid “appearing partisan” has resulted in nothing but “appearing partisan” and the further polarization of American Politics.

Come on people, let’s give the “partisan” thing a break and just celebrate “being American.”

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Presidential Debate #1, midstream analysis

Kerry is showing his superior debating abilities, watching and listening to Bush is painful.

Kerry has a magic wand that, if elected, he will wave and solve the black hole mess we call Iraq. Wow, click my heels three times and I’m back in Kansas.

Bush simply responds that Kerry is denigrating someone and the Command in Chief can’t do that.

Let’s just call this one a total loss, we’ll get it right in debate #2.

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Al-Qaeda and MS-13 gang collaboration

A Washington Times article today revealed that Al-Qaeda is seeking ties with MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha), a violent Salvadoran gang:

A top al Qaeda lieutenant has met with leaders of a violent Salvadoran criminal gang with roots in Mexico and the United States — including a stronghold in the Washington area — in an effort by the terrorist network to seek help infiltrating the U.S.-Mexico border, law enforcement authorities said.

U.S. President George Bush contends in a NewsMax article “that illegal immigration was driven primarily by the economic realities of the region. ”

What concerns me is not the guy looking for a job, but the guy looking to blow up something in the United States. The United States simply has to do a better job protecting its borders. Picking up some illegals here or there probably will not catch the Al-Qaeda operatives that are paying big money to be smuggled in.

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