Apple Fixes .?123 Key Problem With iOS 12.0.1


When Apple released iOS 12, the .?123 button had been moved. This one little move caused untold agony and misery to its users. Why would someone do that? Unreal.


Apple has now corrected the problem by moving the .?123 button back to its original location with the release of iOS 12.0.1

Ahhhhh, back to where it should have been all along. Pure perfection.

Thank you, Apple.

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Mysterious Gmail Signouts Last Night

I’m reading this morning about mysterious Gmail signouts.  

My accounts were affected as well.  My first thought was that there had been a massive security breach.  However, Google thinks it is a bug according to Kitguru. Let’s hope so.  

I’ve always had great confidence in Google’s security, but this was a scary episode.

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OS X Yosemite WiFi Problems

After upgrading to Yosemite 10.10 from Mavericks, wifi problems are bugging me to death on my MacBook Air.

Wifi doesn’t show a disconnect, but a disconnect is occurring intermittantly.  Applications using an internet connection are stalling, waiting for a reconnect (Messages, Safari, Chrome, Gmail, etc.).

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Looks like a good thread going on at Apple Discussions

Update 10/22/2014: I performed a “safe boot” on my mac tonight as described by Topher Kessler at MacIssues. I’ll let you know how that affects the wifi disconnect problem.

It appears that the safe boot didn’t correct the wifi dropout problem. Here’s another news article about the problem which Apple isn’t discussing.

Update 10/30/2014: I successfully performed a procedure described in step 1 at OSX Daily. I’ll let you know if this resolves the wifi problem I’ve been talking about.

Update 10/31/2014: I’m still experiencing the wifi problem. Sigh.

Update 11/04/2014 I changed my wifi MTU setting from 1500 to 1453. I haven’t noticed any negative effects of the change. I’ll let you know if it stabilizes my wifi connection.

Update 11/08/2014 I’m still experiencing the wifi problem. Another idea anyone?

Update 11/17/2014 Apple has released Yosemite update 10.10.1 that it says improves Wi-Fi reliability. Go to the App store and download this important update. Here is a link to the Knowledge Base article: Yosemite 10.10.1 knowledge base article

I’ve installed the update and will post later about its effect on the wifi problems I have been experiencing.

Update 11/24/2014 Wi-Fi is still dropping, but it doesn’t seem as bad as it was. Oh well, sigh…

Update 3/5/2015 For the most part, Apple’s last update seems to have fixed my problem. Still the occasional problem, but nothing like before. I’m a much happier camper now, so to speak.

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IOS8 Apps Crashing On You?

Are your IOS8 apps crashing on you?

When I first installed IOS8, my iPad 2 ran like a three-legged dog. I didn’t want to, but I wiped and restored the device. It’s running better, but app crashes are the norm.

I hope Apple is happy, because I certainly am not.

Update 9/24/14 21:20 I’m worried about Apple. Apple just can’t seem to do anything right these days. Today’s iOS 8.0.1 fiasco isn’t helping the situation—at all.

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Google Set To Pull Plug on Google Reader

Gizmodo reports that Google is set to pull the plug on Google Reader.

That leaves us with Google+ which really isn’t that great, down the road, maybe, just not now.

Adios Google Reader. You’ll be missed.

Update 4/5/2013: As Pooh would say, “Oh bother.” I’m not finding any really good alternatives to Google Reader. On iOS anyway. I’m trying Pulse, but it seems bugy, not picking up the feeds like it should.

Any ideas?

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Apple App Store White Screen of Death

My iPad has finally been bitten by the Apple App Store White Screen of Death.

The Apple App Store no longer works; all I get is a white screen. App update still works though. I’ve slogged through suggested fixes found on the Internet and Apple communities with no success.

…sad thing about this is there doesn’t appear to be any word from Apple that “hey, we know and we’re working to resolve this.”

Please Apple, don’t tell tell me it’s a feature, not a bug. Anyone hear Charlie Brown screaming?

Update 10/13/2012: well, I surrendered today. Cue Charlie Brown, “Rats!” I erased all content and settings after making sure I had a current backup through iTunes.

I remember feeling that I was finally free from the world of pc glitches and buggy software when I got the iPad. Chalk that up to naïveté.

After the wipe was complete, the setup process began. One dialog asked if I wanted to set it up as a new iPad or restore from an iTunes backup. I selected the restore. It took quite a while, but worked perfectly.

The Apple App Store is now completely functional. Let’s just hope this never occurs again…

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