Splash Masque For Ipad2 Works Great

I purchased an Ipad2 several weeks ago and have been looking for a clear protective film for the screen.

I purchased a clear Splash Masque by Splash Products that has been simply awesome.

The film was so easy to apply and is so clear, that you really can’t tell the screen has a protective film. The film has circular cutouts for the Ipad2 home button and camera.

I called Splash Products customer service about the product. Their customer service department was so responsive.

I feel good knowing that the screen on my Ipad2 is now protected by a product I trust.

And last, but not least, I’m enjoying my Ipad2 soooo much!

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Cisco WebEx Is Excellent Tool

My child has been using Cisco WebEx and a Genius writing tablet for an online class.

Video and sound quality are great. Face to face sessions with instructors, interaction with other students, chat, and whiteboard use all combine to form a superb platform for teaching and learning.

The technology is cool, fun, and effective. My kid has really enjoyed using it and has learned much during the online classes.

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Amazon Cloud Drive Is So Cool

Amazon’s new Cloud Drive service is so cool.

You can upload your music and listen anywhere, anytime. Tell me that isn’t cool and convenient. And get this, Amazon gives you 5 GB of free storage!

Check it out!

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Social Media Ruining Verbal Discourse

Social media is ruining verbal discourse (people talking to one another using their vocal cords).

Riding Hong Kong’s MTR recently, one thing was apparent to me, no one was talking. People were looking at their gadgets or just staring at a spot. Maybe that’s common today across the world, but should it be? Could social media be behind the increase in violent acts?

An observation: We’re not kind any longer; people are rude, isolated, and angry at the world. Maybe, just maybe, if the internet was shutdown and we had to actually begin talking with one another, we’d discover a new-found love and respect for each other.

What do you think? Sound off.

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