Some SonyBMG CD’s Install Software Using Questionable Techniques

Some SonyBMG CD’s are installing anti-piracy software using questionable techniques:

CNET News—Mark Russinovich was doing a routine test this week of computer security software he’d co-written, when he made a surprising discovery: Something new was hiding itself deep inside his PC’s guts.

It took some time for Russinovich, an experienced programmer who has written a book on the Windows operating system for Microsoft, to track down exactly what was happening, but he ultimately traced it to code left behind by a recent CD he’d bought and played on his computer. . . .

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Disaster Insurance: Backup Your Data

CBS has a great story about CD/DVD data backup options:

CBS—you don’t have to be a potential hurricane victim to be concerned about losing data. Everyone lives in a potential disaster area and even if that never happens, there is always the real possibility of your hard drive failing or data being destroyed as a result of a computer glitch, malicious software or user error. [. . .]

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