Pray for Missing Sailors After USS Fitzgerald Collision

06/18/2017 Navy Vice Adm. Joseph P. Aucoin says he is initiating a Judge Advocate General Manual investigation into the collision.

The bodies of the missing sailors were found inside the ship.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the sailors.


Seven sailors are still missing after USS Fitzgerald and a Philippine flagged vessel collided near Yokosuka, Japan.

U.S. 7th Fleet released this statement:

As of this time, there have been two patients requiring medical evacuation. One was Cmdr. Bryce Benson, Fitzgerald’s commanding officer, who was transferred to U.S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka and is reportedly in stable condition. A second MEDEVAC is in progress. Other injured are being assessed. There are seven Sailors unaccounted for; the ship and the Japanese Coast Guard continues to search for them.

Pray for the safe recovery of the missing sailors and comfort for the families as they await news from the Navy.

Allen West: Shooting of Steven Scalise Indictment of Alt-Left

“The cowardly attack on House Majority Whip Steven Scalise is an indictment of the hateful rhetoric of the alt-left and the intolerance that they have shown. Former Congressman Allen West gets to the root of the problem in this article, asking the real question that needs to be asked and answered. What was the fuel that lit the fire that caused the gunman, James T. Hodgkinson. , to go to such extremes?”

Full story at Allen West Republic

The Ark Encounter: An Awesome Beast

In my last post, I hinted at the subject of this post—the Ark Encounter.

Pictures and words cannot prepare you as you lay eyes on the Ark for the first time. It is huge; it is incredible; it is one huge beast, jaw-dropping wow!

Entering the Ark, you tingle with excitement, thinking about what wonders lie ahead. The tour starts slowly but builds to a crescendo that leaves you bone-weary at the end. From the bottom of the Ark, to its top, your senses are on overtime. The exhibits are fantastic and so informative.

One thing that constantly struck me about the Ark is how clean it smelled. The Ark was built with a lot of wood, and that gives it a pleasant aroma—earthy, woody, so clean. I’m sure Noah would have wished it to stay that way throughout their voyage.

Along the way are short movies you can sit down to watch, don’t skip them, watch them.

The Ark is so roomy that I didn’t experience the sense of crowding that I did at the Creation Museum. There were a lot of people, but everything moved along nicely.

Oh, wear nice, comfortable shoes, because you’ll be doing lots of walking baby. I was thoroughly pooped after the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter.

Hunger, you will absolutely develop a killer appetite, so, by all means, eat at Emzara’s Kitchen when you need a break, Noah’s wife cooks up a mean buffet.

My advice to you: see the Creation Museum first, then go to the Ark. It will enrich your experience (in my humble opinion).

Blessings to you all.

The Creation Museum: Wonderful, but Crowded

I recently drove to Petersburg, KY, to experience Ken Ham’s Creation Museum. I figured it would be crowded, but I wasn’t prepared for the reality.

We arrived shortly after opening time, got in line, and slowly began to enter the labyrinth. It was like a line at Disney, only with no ride at the end. I didn’t think I was claustrophobic, but inching slowly along in that hot, steamy, mass of humanity [a slight exaggeration], I felt the strongest urge to get out of Dodge (which I did). For me, it was awful. There must be a better way of getting people into the museum. There were no staff along the way to ask about how to get out; I didn’t want to take a fire exit, so we kept moving along as quickly as possible. Anyway, I made it out alive.

Ok, bad news out of the way. We wandered around other parts of the museum for a while, then went back to the original entrance—no crowd now. We leisurely viewed and considered each exhibit. It was wonderful. We enjoyed it so much.

After enjoying the exhibits, we went outside and walked the garden trail. That too, was wonderful, very peaceful. We enjoyed the swinging bridge and the floating bridge going through the garden. Ken Ham was making out like Adam, because I didn’t see him anywhere.

My advice to you: go enjoy the Creation Museum, but don’t go at opening time—wait a little while; your patience will pay great dividends as you walk along and enjoy the museum at your own pace.

Ah, and the Ark Encounter; you must read my next post on that awesome beast.

Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine: A Wealth of Information and Ghostly Steps

This week, I had the pleasure of touring the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine.

The mine tour, the coal camp buildings, and the museum were fascinating and provided a wealth of information. I enjoyed talking with the various guides located on the grounds (and under the grounds in the mine).

In the mine, I was surprised to learn the miners worked in a shaft only 36 inches high. The clearance is much greater now thanks to work done by the city of Beckley. Inside, we were shown a skateboard that some miners used to ride the rail, so getting in and out was easier. I won’t spoil the tour by saying more, but you ride mine cars down into the mine. Along the way, the tour guide stops the cars and gets out to talk about working in the mines.

Outside, you’ll see the superintendent’s house. It’s very nice compared to the homes the miners had. Upstairs, there is a little post office with a mannequin standing inside; that was a little weird (maybe a lot weird). Walking up the stairs, I heard footsteps behind me. I didn’t think anyone else was walking with us so I turned around to see who it was. THERE WAS NO ONE THERE. That was fareeky, people.

It’s a great tour, so if you’re passing through Beckley, WV, definitely stop and do the tour.

US Drops MOAB Bomb on ISIS Forces in Afghanistan

U.S. forces deployed a GBU-43 (MOAB) bomb against an ISIS tunnel complex in Achin district, Nangahar province, Afghanistan, today. The bomb weighs over 21000 pounds. Within the blast’s red zone, dBP’s (peak decibels) measuring 140 would be experienced.

Bomb damage assessment (BDA) is unavailable at this time.

The US Defense Department has released what appears to be FLIR video of the GBU-43 bomb blast on an ISIS stronghold in Achin, Afghanistan:

This video shows a MOAB test from 2003. The bomb was rolled out the back of a C-130:

Video: courtesy of USAF

US Navy Fires Cruise Missiles at Syrian Base

The US Navy says it fired 59 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAMs) at various targets in Syria last night:

“A total of 59 TLAMs targeted aircraft, hardened aircraft shelters, petroleum and logistical storage, ammunition supply bunkers, air defense systems, and radars. As always, the U.S. took extraordinary measures to avoid civilian casualties and to comply with the Law of Armed Conflict. Every precaution was taken to execute this strike with minimal risk to personnel at the airfield.”

The attack was in response to a poison gas attack on Syrian civilians.

This video shows USS Porter firing its TLAMs at Syrian targets:

Video: Seaman Ford Williams

Big Mac Lovers prepare to be amazed

Big Mac lovers, prepare to be amazed!

McDonalds has released a beast from its kitchen.  This beast is the Grand Mac with 1/3 lb. of ground beef.  It’s everything we love and more of it!  I tried one today and was not disappointed.  The burger itself was a filling meal and so tasty.  I only have one question for McDonalds: why did it take so long? Got to have another, soon…oh, and please don’t tell Hamburgler.

Thank you McDonalds.