Protecting Arafat

WorldNetDaily is reporting that the FBI is refusing to return files to former NSA analyst James J. Welsh. Welsh has said he intercepted a transmission from Arafat ordering the execution of two US diplomats and one Belgian in Sudan during 1973.

It is beyond understanding why the United States continues to protect “select” individuals engaged in terrorism and even less understandable is why the United States continues to give political asylum to Chechen terrorists.

Healthy Eggs

Dr. Mercola today discussed some of the findings of an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, to be released in October, that should allay the public’s fear of egg consumption increasing their risk of heart disease.

There continues to be a major fear from most of the population that eating eggs will increase their cholesterol levels and their risk of dying from a heart attack. Next month’s American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has a study that helps to put this myth to rest…

It seems to me that foods causing disease increasingly points back to man-made foods, not the foods that nature provides. Go ahead, enjoy an egg…

Greek plane diverted to London

MSNBC is reporting that a New York bound Olympic Airlines jet was diverted to an airport outside London after a “security alert.” Incident is over.

DEBKA is reporting that the pilot of flight 411 suspected an onboard bomb.

I’ll post more details as they come available.


DEBKA is now reporting that an alert was called in to the Athens daily Ethnos:

Anonymous alert of “bomb for Iraq” phoned into Athens daily Ethnos was relayed to pilot of Athens-New York Olympic Airlines flight 41 who diverted to Britain. RAF Tornado jets scrambled to escort plane to Stansted airport under emergency conditions.

ABC news has some terrific follow up on this story.