Girl In Mosman, Australia Has Bomb Strapped To Her Neck

An 18-year-old girl in Mosman, Australia has a bomb strapped to her neck.

The home is located on Burrawong Ave. Police are on the scene and are treating the bomb as live.

The Mosman Daily is also following this story closely.

Pray for this young girl’s safety.

The Mosman Daily confirms the bomb scare was a hoax.

Update: 8/4/11 To clarify this morning, the extortion attempt was real, the bomb itself was a hoax, or “fake.” The Mosman Daily is continuing to follow the story.

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Aussies Repel Taliban Assault

Australian troops successfully repelled an assualt by Taliban forces in Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan:

SMH—Australian soldiers in Afghanistan have fought off a coordinated attack by Taliban extremists, calling in helicopter gunships and inflicting an unknown number of casualties on attackers. …

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Aussies Kick Butt And Repel Iranian Navy

Remember how HMS Cornwall stood idly by while the Iranian Navy seized crewmembers? Well get this, before that happened the Iranians tried to nab some Aussies that were in no mood for it:

BBC—Iranian naval forces in the Gulf tried to capture an Australian Navy boarding team but were vigorously repelled, the BBC has learned.

The incident took place before Iran successfully seized 15 British sailors and Marines in March. …

I love Australia …

More from the Sydney Morning Herald

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India May Become Fourth Power In Asia-Pacific Security Arrangement

The US and Japan are eager for India to join an Asia-Pacific trilateral security arrangement the Australia is reporting. There are concerns that China would view this new quadrilateral arrangement as a threat. Read the full story at the Australian:

The Australian—AUSTRALIA has been approached to dramatically upgrade its three-way security arrangements with Japan and the US to include India in a four-way security agreement that would encircle China. …

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