Asia Tour Going Well, Sort Of

My tour of Asia is going well except for picking up the Hong Kong funk in HK. Lots of head/chest congestion and coughing.

I’ve already visited Taipei. While there I saw a large Falun Gong protest, saw some placards showing torture victims, very sad. I wonder why China considers Falun Gong such a threat?

Hong Kong was nice, but Kowloon was a much better area. Xia Fei in K11 has awesome food! It was so good!

I spent a few days in Hong Kong and will now spend the remainder of my time in the Philippines.

I’ll post more when I return home.

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China Launched SLBM Off California Coast

Wayne Madsen reports that China did indeed launch a Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) in international waters off the California coast.

I wonder how Governor elect Jerry Brown feels knowing that his state would be toast in a conflict with China? has posted an interesting story along with a satellite image of the contrail. It probably is an aircraft and the contrail direction shows it proceeding south. Case closed it appears.

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Google Threatens To Pull-Out Of China After Highly Sophisticated Cyber-Attack

Web giant Google is threatening to pull-out of China over a “highly-sophisticated” cyberattack that targeted its corporate infrastructure. The attack originated in China and resulted in the theft of intellectual property it says. The attack apparently targeted Chinese human rights activists.

The attack apparently stunned Google and David Drummond, SVP, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, released an incredibly harsh statement today uncommon to the company. Drummond said:

These attacks and the surveillance they have uncovered–combined with the attempts over the past year to further limit free speech on the web–have led us to conclude that we should review the feasibility of our business operations in China. We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on, and so over the next few weeks we will be discussing with the Chinese government the basis on which we could operate an unfiltered search engine within the law, if at all. We recognize that this may well mean having to shut down, and potentially our offices in China.

I believe we can all stand up with Google today say, “hear, hear.”

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Chopsticks Aren’t Toys Ask Li Jingchao

Chopsticks aren’t toys, just ask 14-month-old Li Jingchao.

Little Jingchao was playing with the chopstick when he fell, impaling his brain with it.

Here’s the video which isn’t for the faint-of-heart:

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Chinese People Need To Be Controlled: Jackie Chan

Has Jackie Chan lost his mind?

“I’m not sure if it’s good to have freedom or not,” Chan said at the Boao Forum. “If you’re too free, you’re like the way Hong Kong is now. It’s very chaotic. Taiwan is also chaotic.”

Chan added, “I’m gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we’re not being controlled, we’ll just do what we want.”

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