Allen West: Shooting of Steven Scalise Indictment of Alt-Left

“The cowardly attack on House Majority Whip Steven Scalise is an indictment of the hateful rhetoric of the alt-left and the intolerance that they have shown. Former Congressman Allen West gets to the root of the problem in this article, asking the real question that needs to be asked and answered. What was the fuel that lit the fire that caused the gunman, James T. Hodgkinson. , to go to such extremes?”

Full story at Allen West Republic

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Indian Rape Victim “Damini” Dies

CNN reports that “Damini”, the Indian rape victim, has died.

The prophet Jeremiah said the heart of man is desperately wicked. Heinous crimes like this serve to remind us of the wickedness inherent in our hearts.

Damini’s death should not be in vain. Good, decent people of India need to rise up and work with national leaders to see that no more young girls like Damini have to suffer and die.

Rest in peace Damini. We offer our heart-felt condolences to her family and friends, and to the people of India.

Update 12/30/2012 Damini’s body was flown to Delhi today. Her body stayed with her mother for a couple of hours before it was taken away from her grief stricken mother for cremation India Times says.

The story brings tears to your eyes doesn’t it?

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Wendi Deng Murdoch: A Real Woman!

When an attacker hurled a pie at Rupert Murdock, Wendi Deng Murdoch leapt to his defense launching a vicious right hook against the perpetrator.

The men looked so surprised and unsure of what to do. Pitiful. Mrs. Murdock, you’re a good woman.

Hot Air has the full story.

Somebody, please, get a video of Wendi smacking that guy and loop it!

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Tai Family Seeks Fullest Prosecution Of Their Father’s Attacker

August 13th of this year, Kue Tai was attacked at Falls Lake.

The attack was so violent it left 63-year-old Kue Tai blind in one eye. Tai’s family says he literally had to crawl to the road to get help.

Kue Tai says his attacker repeatedly said he was going to kill him as he was being beaten.

Tai’s family wants the suspect, 28-year-old Jesse Cole Shuping, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They believe the attack on their father was attempted murder and are urging the Wake County Assistant District Attorney to prosecute the crime as a Class B Felony.

Kue Tai has suffered significant and permanent, life-changing injuries as a result of the attack his family says.

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Four-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Tortured By NC Man

2/25/2014: Prosecutors say little Teghan Skiba was tortured for 10 days…I can’t express how I feel hearing this…

On Twitter: Teghan Skiba

Horrifying story out of North Carolina today.

Teghan Alyssa Skiba
Teghan Alyssa Skiba

Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell announced today they have arrested a man for allegedly torturing a four-year-old girl. Sheriff Bizzell says the girl was sexually assaulted.

WRAL says the girl was airlifted to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill.

Teghan Alyssa Skiba died Monday night at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, NC.

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