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February 15, 2014

Magnitude 4.1 Earthquake Shakes South Carolina

A magnitude 4.1 earthquake occurred near the Georgia and South Carolina state line last night. The temblor’s epicenter was 33.812°N 82.063°W which is about 7 miles from Edgefield, SC. The focus of the earthquake was set at 3 miles beneath the surface. If you want to see other earthquake activity, check out this tool. I […]

August 23, 2011

Virginia Earthquake: East Coast’s Gomer Pyle Moment

Today’s earthquake in Virginia has prompted—no doubt about it—such headlines as “East Coast’s Wake Up Call” and “East Coast’s Brush With Disaster,” but I’m taking a more light-hearted look at today’s seismic event. Image: unknown My reaction and the reaction of many other East Coasters can best be described as Gomer Pylesque. Sitting at the […]

Earthquake in North Carolina!

An earthquake has just occurred in North Carolina. News sources are trying to confirm. Shaking was confirmed in Raleigh and in Rocky Mount. WRAL is reporting that a preliminary magnitude 5.8 earthquake occurred in Virginia today. The earthquake was centered at 37.975°N, 77.969°W which is near Louisa and Mineral, VA The earthquake struck at 1:51 […]

March 19, 2011

Listen To The Sound Of Japan’s Monster Earthquake

Yahoo! News has posted the sound of Japan’s monster earthquake. Terrifying sound…. Hear it at Listening to the Deep Ocean Environment as well.

March 15, 2011

Why Aren’t Japanese Looting?

Good question…why aren’t the Japanese looting? Why aren’t they killing each other in the street? Where’s the mayhem, the anarchy? If Japan’s disaster had been in America, there would be looting everywhere with open warfare in the streets. There would be complete anarchy… Here’s what Thomas Lifson at American Thinker has to say: Foreign observers […]

March 14, 2011

Japanese Woman Weeping Amidst Destruction

The Daily Mail has an article with a photograph of a Japanese woman sitting on a road, weeping amidst nothing but destruction around her. Article [ LINK ] Photo [ LINK ] Everything she knows is gone; a home, friends, family, civilization; what will she do now? How will she survive? Stunning photo and time […]

Japan To Rethink Nuclear Energy Policy: Lawmaker

Japanese parliamentarian Marutei Tsurunen says the current nuclear crisis will cause Japan to “reappraise” its policy on nuclear energy: Tsurunen told YLE, “We have relied on nuclear power for the generation of electricity and now we face a crisis. This demands a complete reappraisal of policy on nuclear energy. Now we know it can be […]

USS Ronald Reagan Sailors Exposed To Nuclear Radiation

Sailors aboard USS Ronald Reagan were exposed to radiation from Japan’s nuclear accident the Sydney Morning Herald reports: The effects of the radioactive plumes from the problematic nuclear reactors have spread further afield, with US government officials telling reporters crew members on the deck of USS Ronald Reagan were exposed to about a month’s worth […]

March 13, 2011

Casualties Mount In Japan

Like most of the world, I’ve watched television coverage of Japan’s tsunami/earthquake disaster in stunned silence. To see so much suffering, knowing people have lost husbands, wives, children, brothers, and sisters is so overwhelming; it leaves your heart so heavy. For those that have lost a loved one, we offer our heartfelt condolences. Japan, you’re […]

March 11, 2011

Hawaii And US West Coast Brace For Tsunami

Hawaii, the US west coast and points between are bracing for a tsunami triggered by a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan. The earthquake is now being called “historic,” the fifth largest in history. Japanese casualties are said to be about 3 dozen and climbing. KHON in Hawaii is live, anticipating about a 6 ft. […]