Somalis and Kurds Fight At Finnish Amusement Park

Somalis and Kurds have been involved in a violent melee at Linnanmäki.

Linnanmäki is a Finnish amusement park in Helsinki. It’s a very nice park that I had the pleasure of experiencing last year. YLE reports that dozens of people fought Sunday after Somalis denounced Kurdish women for not wearing head scarves.

Battleground Finland. That sounds so sad, so strange in such a pleasant land…

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F-18D Guidance System Malfunctioned Before Crash In Finland

Finnish accident investigators say the guidance system on an F-18D Hornet malfunctioned prior to a crash in Finland last Thursday.

Apparently, the F-18D’s guidance system switched to a mechanical backup during a maneuver that requires computer assistance.

Boeing says the F-18D carries two crewmen, a pilot and a weapons/sensor officer (WSO). The aircraft is powered by two F404-GE-402 engines with 18,000 pounds of thrust each, that can push it to Mach 1.8.

The two pilots were able to eject before the F-18D crashed.

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Ibrahim Shkupolli Kills Four In Finland Rampage

Finnish Police are searching for Ibrahim Shkupolli. Police believe he is the shooter that killed four people in a shooting rampage in Finland.

Ibrahim Shkupolli
Ibrahim Shkupolli

YLE says, “Four people were killed in a shooting at the Sello shopping mall in central Espoo on Thursday morning. A fifth victim, a woman, related to the case was found dead in a flat in Espoo. Police say they have identified the gunman who still remains at large.”

YLE is reporting that a sixth person has been found dead and he may be the shooter.

Police have confirmed to YLE that the shooter, Ibrahim Shkupolli, is dead.

We offer our condolences to the family and friends of the victims. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

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Back From Finland

We arrived back in North Carolina from Finland Saturday night.

Our Finnish hosts (family) were so good to us. While there we visited Stockholm, Sweden and Tallinn, Estonia and locations near those destinations. Both were excellent trips.

Street view from Tallinn's Old Town
Street view from Tallinn's Old Town

While in Tallinn, we visited an amusement and waterpark named Vembu-Tembumaa. It’s a nice park with rides the bigger boys like along with plenty of water to play in. Later we toured Tallinn’s Old Town, walked cobblestone streets and ate at Olde Hansa restaurant.

In Finland, we visited Turku, Helsinki, Nötö island, Tampere and various other destinations including a trip to an amusement and waterpark named Puuhamaa.

In Tampere, Finland, we stayed at the Scandic and had an awful experience. The fire alarms started going off in the wee hours of the morning causing everyone to evacuate. And the alarms kept going off.

We complained but Scandic management there wasn’t concerned in the least and refused to be held accountable in any way. The alarms are required by law…so be aware, at Scandic, don’t expect any help or sympathy if things go wrong.

Our last two days were spent in Helsinki. We stayed in a nice resort called Rantapuisto.

picturesque scene on Nötö island
picturesque scene on Nötö island

Back on Nötö island, we found it was a bit like stepping back in time with not many of the niceties of modern living but quite laid back so to speak with lots of beautiful scenery. There is grocery store at the harbor which supplies many items you might desire while on the island.

While there, we found a band called “Rendevous” playing for the locals; they were quite good and played into the early morning hours.

More later.

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Tall Ships Races Baltic 2009 In Turku

I was in Turku this morning and was fortunate enough to snap a few pictures of vessels participating in Tall Ships Races Baltic 2009, including one of the flag raising ceremony.

Thursday morning was a wonderful opportunity to stroll along the waterfront and view the tall ships that had arrived. A few of them had not arrived, but you couldn’t tell from all the ships on display.

There was one gentleman selling warm, smoked salmon, very fresh and flavorful. Saturday promises to be an awesome experience.

Here are two of the photographs I took (I have one of the Flying Dutchman’s pirate flag which I hope to post later):

Tall Ships Races Baltic 2009 Flag Raising Ceremony

Tall Ships Races Baltic 2009 participant

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Finland Trip

Just arrived in Finland today.

The Memphis to Amsterdam leg was awful. Lots of turbulence; seat wouldn’t recline and other issues. NWA will get an email from me soon.

Finland is cool though, looking forward to seeing much of it.

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13-Year-Old Finnish Boy Busts Reuters Over Russian Sub Pic

13-year-old Waltteri Seretin knew right away something wasn’t right with a Reuters photograph of Russian submersibles under the North Pole:

HELSINGIN SANOMAT—Images presented by the Reuters news agency last Thursday, purporting to show the Finnish-built MIR-1 and MIR-2 submersibles during a recent Russian scientific expedition to the sea bed 4.3 kilometres below the Geographic North Pole, have been shown to be something else again.

The pictures did indeed show MIR-1 and MIR-2 in action, but the submersibles were actually employed at the time in location filming at the scene of the wreck of the RMS Titanic in the North Atlantic, and not under the polar ice-cap. …

Great job Walter!

Ilta-Sanomat broke the story about the fake photographs Thursday.

In an advisory, Reuters said, “‘Arctic Expedition’ which ran on breaking news 9 on august 2 contains file shots of the mir submersibles. russian state broadcaster rtr, the source of the footage, confirms it holds copyright clearance to use the video. the shots 19-25 in the edit were correctly identified as being file. however, they were shot during the search for the titanic in the atlantic, not in the arctic ocean. …”

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