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June 2, 2009

Air France Flight 447 Debris Spotted

Brazilian search forces have spotted debris from Air France Flight 447. The debris is somewhere between 390 and 1000 miles off the Brazilian coast.

June 1, 2009

Air France Airbus A330 Missing Over Atlantic

The Guardian reports that an Air France Airbus A330 is missing over the atlantic. Various sources say 228 people are onboard. The Air France corporate website is being slammed and is almost non-responsive. Keep them in your prayers. EADS says the “missing aircraft, registered under the number F-GZCP, was MSN (Manufacturer Serial Number) 660, delivered […]

April 19, 2009

Sarkozy Slams Obama For “Herd Mentality”

French president Nicolas Sarkozy slams U.S. president Barack Obama for “herd mentality.”

February 2, 2007

France Threatens US With Carbon Tax

France has threatened the United States with a carbon tax if it does not sign the Kyoto Protocol: NY Times—President Jacques Chirac has demanded that the United States sign both the Kyoto climate protocol and a future agreement that will take effect when the Kyoto accord runs out in 2012. … But he warned that […]

February 13, 2006

Mohammed Cartoons: La BAF Severed-hand Protest

Muslims in Paris protesting cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed had two unwelcome guests join them Saturday. Two men from La BAF, protesting in favor of Denmark and the cartoonists, and in favor of free speech, joined the Muslim protest. One man displayed a Danish cartoonist’s fake severed-hand complete with drawing pencil: La BAF—But very quickly, […]

January 20, 2006

France Threatens Terrorist States With Nuclear Strike

France has threatened to use nuclear weapons against any state that launches terrorist acts against it: photo credit: Screen grab from video of President Chirac at Landivisiau Naval Air Station The Tocqueville Connection— President Jacques Chirac for the first time Thursday raised the threat of a nuclear strike on any state that launches “terrorist” attacks […]

November 6, 2005

Civil War In France

Mark Steyn has an excellent piece this morning on the civil war in France: Chicago Sun-Times—Ever since 9/11, I’ve been gloomily predicting the European powder keg’s about to go up. ”By 2010 we’ll be watching burning buildings, street riots and assassinations on the news every night,” I wrote in Canada’s Western Standard back in February. […]