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January 20, 2010

Haiti Rocked By Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake

Haiti has just been rocked by a strong earthquake registering magnitude 6.1. The earthquake was situated at 18.428°N, 72.875°W which is near the city of Petit Goave. CNN reports that “Patients at a hospital near Haiti’s airport in Port-au-Prince immediately started praying as the ground shook like a ship rocking back and forth. They asked […]

January 19, 2010

Marlie Casseus Survives Devastating Haiti Earthquake

IKF’s Wonderfund joyfully reports this morning that Marlie Casseus and her family survived the devastating earthquake. Another of Wonderfund’s kids, Dahana David, also survived as well as a “beloved” volunteer—Gina Eugene. In an effort to help suffering Haitians, Wonderfund has launched Haiti’s Children Fund. It is collecting donations via their website: www.wonderfund.org/donate.php It says the […]

January 17, 2010

World Angry As Obama Takes Control In Haiti

There is growing anxiety in the World community over Washington’s takeover in Haiti. Flights ferrying disaster supplies are being diverted as American forces are given priority at Port-au-Prince’s airport. Tensions have apparently grown so tense that Haitian President René Préval has had to get involved in an attempt to cool tempers. Wow. What a mess.

U.S. Assumes Control Of Devastated Haiti

WND says sources have told it that the United States has assumed control of earthquake devastated Haiti.

Haiti—Crying Out To God

O God, be not far from me: O my God, make haste for my help. Psalm 71:12 Isn’t that the heartcry of God’s people in time of need? This morning, let’s all remember from whence cometh our help. Pray for Haiti. Pray for all of God’s people across the world.

January 16, 2010

Allen West Expresses Condolences To Haitian People

US Congressional candidate Allen B. West expressed his condolences to the Haitian people today. West said, “It is with the highest degree of sincerity of heart that I extend my condolences to the people of Haiti, as well as to those here in the US who have been affected.” Allen West for Congress West’s statement […]

January 14, 2010

USNS Comfort Being Deployed To Haiti

President Obama said today that USNS Comfort is being deployed to Haiti. USNS Comfort is a medical treament facility that is “capable of providing a full hospital service asset for use by other government agencies involved in the support of relief and humanitarian operations worldwide,” the Navy says. Follow US relief efforts via the Navy’s […]

Haiti Still Shaking With Aftershocks, 100000 Dead

Haiti is still trembling this morning as powerful aftershocks continue. The latest aftershock measured magnitude 4.8 and was situated near the city of Grand Goâve. Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive said yesterday that the death-toll could rise above 100,000. CNN reports that Haitians are using bare hands to dig out the trapped. The dead are […]

January 12, 2010

Haiti Rocked By Powerful 7.0 Earthquake

The island of Haiti was rocked by a powerful earthquake this afternoon measuring magnitude 7. The earthquake was situated at 18.451°N, 72.445°W and had a hypocentral depth of 6.2 miles. The epicenter is near the Haitian city of Henry. No word on casualties, but many are expected. The Wall Street Journal quoted Don Blakeman at […]

August 10, 2007

UFOs In Haiti On The Lookout

HotAir.com reports on two videos out of Haiti that allegedly show UFOs. I believe the UFOs are searching for the Goreacle whose transmissions to home base have become increasingly vacuous.