Indonesia Reels Under The Onslaught Of Major Earthquakes

Indonesia continues to reel under the onslaught of major earthquakes striking Papua New Guinea.

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake occurred about three hours ago. Early this morning Indonesia time, a 7.6 magnitude hit Papua New Guinea with aftershocks continuing through the morning.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Indonesia.

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Islamic Justice: Religious Minorities Lose Again

Many of you remember Ida Yarni Sambue, Theresia Morangke, and Alrfita Poliw as the Christian schoolgirls that were beheaded by Muslim militants. Their murderers were caught, but justice has been denied these three young women.

Wiwin Kalahe alias Rahman was sentenced to 19 years in prison; Yudi Heriyanto alias Udit and Agus Nur Muhammad alias Agus Jenggot, received 10 and 14 years detention respectively. At the Jawa Report, Dr. Rusty Shackleford asks, “Do we see how ‘moderate’ Muslim countries deliver “justice” now?

What a travesty of justice. Time and again we see that Islamic judicial systems cannot render equal justice as is apparent in this case.

Ida Yarni Sambue, Theresia Morangke, and Alrfita Poliw (all young girls) had their heads cut off. Their killers receive no more than 20 years in prison, a sentence I doubt they’ll serve to completion.

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8.2 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Indonesia Tsunami Watch In Effect

** An Important Update Has Been Logged **

The preliminary magnitude 7.9 earthquake occurred about 62 miles SW of Bangkahulu, Indonesia. The epicenter was at 4.369°S, 101.557°E. The hypocentral depth of the earthquake hasn’t been accurately determined at this time.

The earthquake’s magnitude has been revised upwards to magnitude 8.2 from 7.9

The earthquake’s magnitude has again been revised upwards to magnitude 8.4 from 8.2

The Jakarta Post reports that a one to three meter high tsunami hit Padang after the earthquake.

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The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has issued a Tsunami Watch Indian Ocean wide.

The following countries are affected:

  • OMAN
  • IRAN

   Another powerful earthquake has rocked Indonesia. The latest temblor was situated at 2.526°S, 100.964°E. It’s hypocentral depth has yet to be determined. The temblor’s epicenter is almost eight miles from Pasarsebelah.

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Indonesian Justice: What A Disgrace

What a disgrace—three Islamic militants found guilty of beheading three Christian schoolgirls in Poso, have been sentenced to prison for 14 years and 20 years respectively.

Hasanuddin, Lilik Purnomo, and Irwanto Irano were found guilty of the beheading of three Christian schoolgirls—Ida Yarni Sambue, Theresia Morangke, and Alrfita Poliw.

Judge Udar Siregar said Hasanuddin’s actions can be characterized as a “Terror Crime” the Jakarta Post said.

HasanuddinThe Jakarta Post worried that characterzing Hasanuddin’s actions as a “Terror Crime” could provoke more religious violence. As Christians, we know that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, never taught us to seek revenge, never taught us to kill others, to behead others, but to be 1“Harmless as doves.” Vengeance belongs to the Lord and Him alone, so don’t seek it yourself. He himself has said, 2“To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.” And finally, the Lord Jesus reminds us to 3“Bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you …”

It’s sad, but once again we see that Christians and other religious minorities are denied equal justice by Islamic justice systems under which many live.

What a disgrace.

Source: Jakarta Post

Scripture references: 1Matthew 10:16; 2Deuteronomy 32:35; 3Matthew 5:44

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Two Powerful Earthquakes Kill At Least 70 In Indonesia

An important update to this story has been posted

Two powerful earthquakes struck Indonesia early this morning killing at least 70 people.

The first temblor, preliminary magnitude 6.3, struck at 10:49am Jakarta time and was situated at 0.536°S, 100.498°E near Lake Singkarak in West Padang.

The second temblor, preliminary magnitude 6.1, struck at 12:49pm Jakarta time and was situated at 0.526°S, 100.531°E, also near Lake Singkarak.

The hypocentral depth of both earthquakes was set at about 18 miles beneath the surface.

The Jakarta Post reports that the earthquakes were felt in Singapore where some buildings were evacuated.

The BBC has eyewitness reports from earthquake survivors.

Yahoo! News reports that women were crying in terror as thousands of people fled to higher ground fearing a tsunami.

Global Voices is carrrying a list of Singaporean blogs talking about the tremors there.

Source: U.S. Geological Survey


CalTech: Sumatran Plate Boundary Project

(Update 3/6/2007 12:25pm):

Caltech Geologist Kerry Sieh has posted an important update on this earthquake. In the update, Kerry Sieh says “The earthquakes on the morning of March 6th (Indonesian time) resulted from slip along the Great Sumatran fault, north of the large city of Padang, in the province of West Sumatra. The Great Sumatran fault traverses the entire 2000-km length of Sumatra, from Banda Aceh on the north nearly to the volcano Krakatau in the south.”

You can read Kerry’s full update, including graphs, here:


Many thanks to Professor Sieh and his team.

(Update 3/6/2007 4:12pm):

The World Wide Help blog is covering disaster relief efforts by various agencies. Check their postings for the status of relief efforts:

World Wide Help: Quake In Indonesia / First OCHA Field Situatonal Report

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