US Exit From UN Will Leave Israel in the Cold

Calls for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations are intensifying, but a US exit may have an unintentional impact on Israel.

With the US out of the United Nations, resolutions hostile to the tiny nation would pass with ease; the tiny nation would no doubt be bombarded, harassed, and harangued without restraint; Israel would be left out in winter’s chill.

Though the United Nations may be loathed by many Americans, a voice of moderation, restraint, and common sense must remain in the international body. The US must use its considerable influence ($) to reshape the body, restore sanity, and get the organization back on track. And it must continue to be a buffer between Israel and those perpetually angry with it.

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Netanyahu, Abdullah II In The News

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has issued a call to European Jews to come home amid escalating terror attacks. The regathering of Jews into the Holy Land is a Biblical sign of the times.

Jordan’s king has roared to life, vowing to crush ISIS.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II is assuming the mantle of Middle East leadership, a role apparently vacated by the United States. Abdullah’s father, Hussein bin Talal, was an honorable man. Abdullah will hopefully follow in his footsteps.

The nations are plunging into turmoil; the seas and waves are roaring; and the Middle East is quickly becoming a “cup of trembling” to many nations.

Keep praying.

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Our Friends In Israel Need More Than Words From US—Allen West

Congressional Candidate Allen West has just released this statement addressing the situation in Israel:

Recent developments in the State of Israel are disturbing, and unfortunately predictable. Since 2009, the Obama Administration has shown an unprecedented disregard for the sovereignty of the State of Israel – America’s strongest ally in the world. Whether browbeating Israel for building homes in their rightful capitol, or disrespecting Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House, President Obama has clearly demonstrated that he is no friend of the Jewish State.

Liberals in Congress, including Ron Klein, have provided nothing but lip service while the rest of the world continues to condemn a nation’s right to defend itself against continued terror and aggression by Hamas – a terror organization whose very charter calls for the destruction of the State of Israel – and its supporters. A blockade is a recognized and accepted means to mitigate specific threats from our enemies. This can be demonstrated by President Kennedy’s blockade in October of 1962 off the coast of Florida, as well as by President Obama’s call for a blockade of Iran. How would we react if these were U.S. Navy SEALs that were ruthlessly attacked?

In the days and weeks ahead, our friends in Israel – the only true and stable democracy in the Middle East – need more than words from America’s leaders. Above all, the Jewish State needs stronger representation in Congress and a solid voice that will not be afraid to stand up to the Obama Administration’s appeasement of Islamic Terrorism. As a Combat Veteran who has faced our common enemy, my commitment to Israel will rise above mere statements of support.”

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Son Of Ilan Ramon Dies In F-16 Crash

Lt. Assaf Ramon—son of Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon—was killed Sunday when his F-16 crashed in Hebron.

Astronaut Ilan Ramon was killed in 2003 when Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated while re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Heartfelt condolences go out to Assaf’s family and friends.

Rest in peace.

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