Mexico Collapse Would Demand American Response

In a just released report, the U.S. Joint Forces Command [Joint Operating Environment (JOE 2008)] warns that an unstable Mexico would be a “homeland security problem of immense proportions.”

The report warns that “any descent by Mexico into chaos would demand an American response.”

Mexico is already in chaos. How many more murders and beheadings do you need down there? Violence has already spilled across the border. Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean languish in prison for their attempts to secure the border. And wouldn’t American soldiers be concerned about being charged and tried for actions they might have to undertake in border operations?

What does anyone realistically expect Washington to do?

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Cesar Armando Laurean May Be In Mexico: FBI

The FBI now believes that Cesar Armando Laurean may have fled to Mexico.

NCIS says that Laurean was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, so he probably has plenty of contacts there. Guadalajara is a huge city with plenty of places to hole up in.

Laurean has a tattoo of a skull on one of his upper arms, and a tattoo of a black widow spider, including an hourglass on the spider’s abdomen, on the other upper arm. He also has several aliases: Cesar Gudino, Cesar Sanchez, Cesar Armando Laurean Ramirez.

The FBI is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to his location and arrest.


NCIS: If whereabouts are known, please contact the nearest NCIS office or call NCIS Headquarters at (800) 543-6289 or e-mail us at

Sources: FBI, NCIS

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Arizona Terror Alert!

The National Terror Alert Response Center has posted a disturbing story detailing a terror threat against a target in Southern Arizona.

The terror plot allegedly involves Iraqis that entered the United States illegally via tunnels under the United States/Mexico border.

Read The Full Story At The National Terror Alert Response Center.

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Commander Of Ft. Huachuca Issues Ban On Mexico Travel

Maj. Gen. Barbara Fast has ordered troops under her command to stay out of Mexico:

KVOA—The Army’s top officer in southern Arizona on Friday ordered soldiers at Fort Huachuca not to travel into Mexico because of recent drug-related violence across the border.

Maj. Gen. Barbara Fast, commander of the Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca, issued the order after a drug cartel assault force overran the town of Cananea on Wednesday. …



Google Maps: Ft. Huachuca

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Border Patrol Case Gets Whitehouse Review

The federal case against Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean is getting a Whitehouse review:

WND—Amid growing criticism from congressmen and activists of its handling of the prosecution of two Border Patrol agents, the White House is opening up a line of communication with lawmakers and promises it will review a transcript of the trial. …

A lively discussion of the case is occurring at [ click here ]

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Monica Ramos: Bush Is A Liar

Monica Ramos—wife of imprisoned Border Patrol officer Ignacio Ramos—reacted to the President’s State of the Union speech by saying he’s a liar and is selling out America to Mexico:

WND—At the conclusion of the speech, Ramos, emotional and in tears, told WND in an exclusive interview, that she considered President Bush’s speech compete hypocrisy.

“How could President Bush say that he wanted to secure our borders and that he would double the size of the Border Patrol when my husband is in prison,” she asked WND. “Ignacio was trying to secure our border from drug smugglers. And what do we get? I have to show my children their father in prison in chains and I have to explain to them that the president of the United States is a liar.”

WND waited nearly an hour after the speech was concluded to be able to speak with a clearly emotionally upset Monica Ramos. …

Mrs. Ramos, we’ll keep you and your family, as well of the Compean’s, in our prayers. God bless you all.

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Mexico City Taking Orders From Beijing Orders Taiwan’s President Out

Mexico’s government ordered the plane of Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian out of its airspace this week after a request from the Chinese Government in Beijing:

Reuters—Mexico ordered a plane carrying Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian to leave its air space this week at the request of China, which regards Taiwan as a breakaway province, a Mexican newspaper said on Saturday. …

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National Guard Troops Overrun by Mexican Gunmen

AZCentral is reporting that U.S. National Guardsmen were overrun by gunmen and forced to retreat from their base camp near the Mexican border in Arizona:

AZCentral—A U.S. Border Patrol entry Identification Team site was overrun Wednesday night along Arizona’s border with Mexico.

According to the Border Patrol, an unknown number of gunmen attacked the site in the state’s West Desert Region around 11 p.m. The site is manned by National Guardsmen. Those guardsmen were forced to retreat. …

Army Times has a good article: [ click here ]

HT: The Jawa Report


Google Maps: Sasabe, Arizona

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Bush In Secret Plan To Merge Mexico, United States, And Canada

President Bush is said to be deeply involved in a secret plan that would merge Mexico, Canada, and the United States into a new governmental form:

WND—Are secret meetings being held between the corporate and political elites of the U.S., Mexico and Canada to push North America into a European Union-style merger?

Is President Bush’s reluctance to control the border and enforce laws requiring deportation of foreigners who enter the country illegally part of a master plan to all but eliminate borders between the U.S., Canada and Mexico?

Does the agenda of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America include a common currency that would scrap the dollar in favor of what some are calling the “amero”?

It may be the biggest story of the 21st century, but few press outlets are telling it. In fact, until very recently, few in the U.S. were aware of the plans and even fewer denouncing what appears to be the implementation of an effort some have characterized as “NAFTA on steroids.” …

Having seen Bush’s lackadaisical approach to border security, I don’t doubt this story’s accuracy. If true, wouldn’t you term this merger plan a betrayal of the America people and everthing America’s founding Fathers stood for?

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