Star Trek Into Darkness Peers Into Human Soul

Star Trek Into Darkness peers into the human soul, into right and wrong, good and evil…

Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness begins with Kirk leading a mission that could have killed his crew, disobeying the Prime Directive, and losing his Command. Despite Kirk’s recklessness , his prior captain (Admiral Pike) gives him another chance and takes him on as his XO.

There is an attack on Starfleet and Admiral Pike is killed. Kirk is given command of Enterprise and sent on a mission to kill the one responsible for the attacks.

I can clearly see hints of Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiment as Kirk is led to question his orders: is all this just my desire for bloody revenge, what’s really going on? He really grows exponentially.

Kirk losing the Enterprise started some soul searching on his part I believe. His life was shown to be really bad, immature, and disqualifying him from leadership.

During the movie, I noticed some quietness in the audience due in part, I believe, to some introspective soul searching of their own.

I really couldn’t get over this script coming out of Hollywood and Star Trek. It really was wonderful for me and I loved it.

Star Trek Into Darkness is a wonderfully deep movie packed with plenty of action and twists (which I won’t disclose). Enjoy it before it leaves the theater.

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Hollyweird Ruined Land Of The Lost

From Michelle Malkin:

Over at Big Hollywood, Mark Corallo explains how and why his 11-year-old son gave the best advice possible to parents who may be considering taking their kids to see the movie version of Land of the Lost, starring Will Ferrell: Walk out. Don’t go. It’s gratuitously sexualized crap.

I remember watching Land of the Lost when I was a kid. I enjoyed all the bumbling adventures Rick, Holly, and Will had, especially when they ran into the Sleestak that never could shoot straight.

It’s a shame the show has been ruined; I’m glad I read Michelle’s warning before wasting my money.

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Bruce Willis Drops In To Chat With Fans

Actor Bruce Willis dropped into a chat room to discuss his upcoming movie, Live Free or Die Hard, with fans:

Guardian Unlimited—When someone calling himself “Walter B” cropped up on a film website, claiming to be Bruce Willis and demanding to hear “the straight, tight shit”, his fellow posters were understandably a little sceptical. It was not until Willis unveiled himself – live, via videoconference – that all doubts were laid to rest. …

Cool. How many stars do things like that?

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Pope To Skip Showing Of Nativity Movie

Just read that the Pope will not be attending a showing of the “Nativity” movie at the Vatican. It seems that the young, unmarried actress who protrays the Virgin Mary, actually was pregnant during the filming of the movie. And it’s said the Vatican was “Embarrassed” by the news.

It just feels blasphemous, that a pregnant, unmarried actress would protray the Virgin Mary. And she’s only 16. Add one more Hollywood “slap in the face” for Christians and people of faith.

Folks, Mary, the mother of Jesus, didn’t get pregnant as the result of a “roll in the hay” with her boyfriend. The Bible says in Luke 1:35, “And the angel answered and said to her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you; therefore, also, that Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God.”

Like the Pope, I and others will not be paying to see our faith mocked.

Source: Times Online

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Turkish Comedian Alleges Sacha Cohen Stole His Character

Turkish comedian Mahir Cagri is alleging that Sacha Cohen (Borat) stole his character:—Borat’s US$26.4 million box office debut at the weekend will no doubt make benefit glorious Sacha Baron Cohen, but now the real-world Borat wants his cut. …

But Borat’s success, which has brought untold riches to Cohen, the character’s creator, has caught the ire of late-90’s internet sensation Mahir Cagri, who says he’s been ripped off. …

Apparently Borat is doing very well. I gave Borat two thumbs down and got smacked down by a contrarian, oh well.

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Borat The Movie

Has anyone seen the previews of “Borat“? I thought it looked like a funny movie well worth watching until today.

This morning, I read a CBS report about Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat) being invited to visit Kazakhstan. The Kazakhs are apparently upset over the way their country is portrayed in Borat, and rightly so. CBS said, “Cohen’s character has presented inhabitants of the ex-Soviet republic as addicted to horse urine, fond of shooting dogs, and viewing incest as a respectable tradition.”

Borat deserves two thumbs down.

Source: CBS


Movie website: Borat

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Katie Leung’s Debut Only Days Away

Katie Leung’s Debut as Cho Chang in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is only days away. The movie is set to open in theaters November 18th.

Katie Leung
Katie Leung

I’m a lot more interested in Katie than I am the others in the cast; it isn’t that they are less important, it’s just that after Katie won the role of Cho Chang, a lot of hate sites popped up that were quite nasty and she endured a lot grief from them.

Katie Leung is a beautiful and talented young lady whose career is really taking off and I for one am cheering her on. Take a look at her again and tell me she isn’t beautiful. Folks, that’s the face of sweet, wonderful person.

Moving on, the BBC had a wonderful story Thursday about Katie and the other newcomers to the Harry Potter set. Katie told the BBC: “I felt really uncomfortable but Daniel’s such a great actor and he told me to relax and I got used to it. His advice was don’t let everything go to my head – just be level-headed.”

Best wishes Katie, you’re a star.

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Katie Leung “Cho Chang” Speaks Out About Hate Campaign

Katie Leung spoke recently with The Sunday Mail about the vicious hate campaigns waged against her. The campaigns began after it was announced she would portray Cho Chang in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”:

The Sunday Mail—Katie, 18, has admitted she was shocked at the abuse – which she never suffered as a child growing up in Motherwell.

But she has vowed the attacks will make her stronger. [. . .]

Best wishes Katie.

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Katie Leung Target Of Hate Campaign

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Katie Leung Target Of Hate Campaign

Actress Katie Leung, starring as Cho Chang in “Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire”, is being victimized by a hate campaign launched by Daniel Radcliffe fans:

Sympatico MSN—Katie Leung, who will play Cho Chang in ‘Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire’, has been the subject of vile racist messages from jealous Daniel Radcliffe fans on numerous Potter websites. …

Katie Leung is a beautiful young lady who simply does not deserve these hateful attacks. These attacks are so ridiculous. Come on guys, give the girl a break…

Katie has the full-backing of Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter series.

Hat tip: Capital Region People and S-Spot

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Katie Leung’s Debut Only Days Away [ photograph with story ]
Katie Leung “Cho Chang” Speaks Out About Hate Campaign

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