Netherlands: Muslim Councillor Tells White Minority To Shut Up

Dutch politician Bouchra Ismaili has apparently told a white minority member of her district to shut up.

Jos Parbleu sent an email to Ismaili and received quite a response from her. Here is the english translation of Ismaili’s letter. I can’t vouch for its accuracy, but I will provide a link to the source at Google Groups:

Listen well, dirty madman, WE’LL STAY HERE, hahahahahahhahah, DROP DEAD. I am a dutch moslem, and I shall stay one until my death. I feel pity with your kind, you must live with hatred, really sad. My father and mother have worked hard to help building this country, and I have nothing to do with what others think or say. You are a miserable devil worshipper!!! You have sold your soul!!! Rather bizarre, to believe in the devil and his entourage, and to negate god the allmighty and ruler over heaven and earth. Your kind are the worst terrorists, you have been terrorizing our lives for years here in Holland. But fortunately, you are few only, and most dutchmen are developped and tolerant. You are the allochthonous here!!!! With Allah by my side, I fear nothing and nobody. I AND MY CO-MOSLEMS ARE LIVING, your kind is being eaten up by hatred. A piece of advice, if I may, convert to islam and find tranquility in your heart. Hatred eats you up and makes your heart stay empty. You have only a limited time in your life, go get a life and enjoyment, soon it’s all over. We are living…………………..You are trying to make something undone, to influence the lives and fates of others. Freemason [*)] hahahaha, you are not free, you are a slave of the devil. You think you’re a kind of god, really sad, go and have yourself checked! If you’re a man with BALLS, let me know who you are, let us talk. You can always talk to me. I know, you’re empty inside, and sometimes you feel you wouldn’t exist. You want to be seen and heard, but you’re simply ORDINARY, a grey mouse and a pathetic little person, one of those billions walking around on this globe. But I hear your cry of emergency. I hear your cry for attention. I shall also have time for you, despite of the fact that I’m fully busy to make Holland a more beautiful, clean and safe country, where people can develop and live in freedom and democracy, no matter what colour, origin or faith. Where, for all I care, even devil worshippers have a spot, for who am I ultimately to judge. This I leave to the judges’ judge, ALLAH A RAHMAN OU RAHEEM!!!

*) Refers apparently to a statement made by Jos Parbleu and found by Bouchra Ismaili via Google.

Source: Google Groups

At the Dutch Daily, Anders Wellebeeke says, “I must admit that Ismaili is right about one thing: The ethnically Dutch are rapidly becoming foreigners in their own cities. Today, 36 pct of the Rotterdammers are of non-Western origin, i.e. Surinamese, Turkish or – like Ismaili – Moroccan. Under the age of 21, however, this percentage has risen to approximately 53 pct.”

The chickens are certainly coming home to roost in Europe and just as much so here in the United States. Ravi Zacharias has a poignant quote regarding our situation: “Nature abhors a vacuum, especially a spiritual one, and though this flirtation with absolute secularism may win the momentary dawn of a new era, it will lose the day to more strident religions than the Christian belief. Of that, I am certain. Ask any Muslim missionary that question and he or she will tell you that is so.”

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Son Of Theo Van Gogh Target Of Violence

Vinnie at the Jawa Report has a sad story this morning; I wasn’t aware of this, but apparently Lieuwe van Gogh—Son of Theo Van Gogh—has been the target of violence and threats from Islamic extremists. Watch this video:

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Pajamas Media: Does This Make You Angry?

Sondrak: Does This Make You Angry?

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F-16’s Escort NWA Plane Back To Amsterdam—12 Passengers Arrested

Dutch police have arrested 12 passengers after a Northwest Airlines plane returned to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam under F-16 escort. U.S. Air Marshals are apparently involved.

NWA plane at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam

photo: screen grab of NOS video

Northwest Airlines flight 42 is a McDonnell-Douglas DC10-30 that can seat 273 passengers.

NOS has coverage and video: [ click here ]

CNN covering: [ click here ]

ABC News coverage: [ click here ]

Jawa Report coverage: [ click here ]


Schiphol Airport

Google Maps: Schiphol Airport

Update 8/25/2006 7:40am):

As an update to this story, the persons arrested after flight 42 landed were later released by authorities. The activities of the 12 were not believed to be terror-related.

Sources: BBC, Expatica

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Was Slobodan Milosevic Poisoned?

Some interesting stories are coming out suggesting that Slobodan Milosevic may have been poisoned in his United Nations prison cell inside The Hague:

IOL—Slobodan Milosevic wrote a six-page letter the day before he was found dead, claiming that traces of a “heavy drug” had been found in his blood and that he feared being poisoned, a legal aide to the former Yugoslav president said today. …

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Aruba/Netherlands In Gay Marriage Row

Aruba and the Netherlands are in a row over gay marriage:

Chicago Sun-Times—ORANJESTAD, Aruba — When two women tried to register as a married couple in Aruba last year, people on this Dutch island threw rocks at them, slashed their car tires and protested outside Parliament against gay unions. [. . .]

Update (8/24/2005 9:07pm):

Aruba has been forced by a court to accept gay marriages from the Netherlands:

LifeSite—ORANJESTAD, Aruba, August 24, 2005 ( – A lesbian couple “married” in the Netherlands in 2001 won a fight to have their same-sex relationship recognized by the government of Aruba Tuesday. Aruba’s Superior Court denied the government’s appeal of a lower court ruling, despite widespread opposition to the homosexual lifestyle on the island and in the Caribbean region in general. [. . .]

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