A Warning From The Past

Excellent article from Vanni Cappelli today:

“Benazir Bhutto’s assassination – not far from the jail yard where her father, former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was hanged – symbolizes the tenuousness of civilian political life in Pakistan. Yet, though many in Washington assert that the killing has severely limited U.S. policy options, few are fundamentally questioning the wisdom of supporting a foreign military establishment whose values are so alien to our own.”

Read The Full Story At SFGate.

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Benazir Bhutto Assassination: Searching For Answers

I received this article from a friend. It is reprinted here with permission:

Benazir Bhutto Assassination: Searching For Answers

How did the assassin get to Bhutto’s car without being tackled by her personal security? Even if the Pakistani government had stripped her motorcade of police protection, she had to have dozens of trusted personal bodyguards forming a cordon around her vehicle.

So how did the gunman get on the back of her car and get off three shots, unimpeded?

One possibility is that the security men were momentarily distracted by an explosion. This is an universally established police tactic as when a stun grenade is detonated at the moment of forced entry into a criminal hideout.

Another is that some of her security men were not to have been trusted, and they allowed the killer to pass through the cordon. The assassin erased that evidence with his suicide bomb, killing the accomplices in her retinue.

I think the second possibility is more likely, as well trained security personnel would have reflexively thrown themselves after someone penetrating their cordon, even if they had been stunned for a crucial second allowing someone to slip by. I just don’t think it likely the killer would have enjoyed even a half-second without interference on the back of the car. He should have had security people grabbing at him in mid-air and trying to wrestle him down even before he got to the car.

I don’t see how he could have gotten off a clean shot without inside help.

IF this is true, the scenario becomes even more sinister. It suggests that insiders within her own Pakistani Peoples Party (PPP) were accomplices in her murder. Some have to have the essential motivation for committing murder at the top: thwarted personal ambition.

The PPP has NEVER held a national convention since her father’s execution by a previous military dictator. She became undisputed Party boss after a St. Valentine’s Day-style massacre on her mansion’s front door step: Her elder brother, the real heir to her father, and seven other Party leaders died in a hail of bullets in a yet unsolved crime.

A final rumination: While the skill demonstrated by the killer implies that he probably was an Army special forces commando, not some Taliban primitive, that fact alone does not implicate Musharraf, Kayani, Gul, or even the ISI. The situation in the Pak Army is dreadfully reminiscent of the situation in the Japanese Imperial Army of the 1930’s. There were cabals, some led by junior officers who were in intense rivalry with each other, and united only in trying to best one another in demonstrating a fanatical and mystical loyalty to the Emperor. Like the Islamist takfeeris, these upstarts felt justified by faith to murder their superiors.The Imperial Rescript Incident is illustrative. The conspirators plotted to seize the Imperial Palace and family, and murdered the Army Corp Commander responsible for the security of the Imperial Palace.

They were led by a major.

Since the Islamification of the Army during the Zia dictatorship, the officer corp has become ideologized, with cabals attached to one strain or another of Deobandi extremism. We await with much dread the spark that will set off mutual killing sprees within the Army, as occurred in the Japanese Army in the 1930’s and the Argentine Army in the 1970’s. The potential fracturing of the Pakistani Army is a greater concern for the security of the world, especially for India, than even the break-up of Pakistan, or even the emergence of Taliban and Al Qaeda mini-states in the tribal belt.

So it is possible that the assassination plot originated in the PPP with the connivance of lower ranked officers connected by familial and clan ties, as that it originated with the ISI and its creature, al Qaeda, or with Musharraf and his government. After all, Musharraf himself has been the target of plots originating with independent cabals led by lower ranked officers.

We’ll probably never know the truth.

What should we do if we are concerned about how Musharraf’s Tiger Ride will end?

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New Video Shows Benazir Bhutto Taking Bullets

A new video of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination has emerged.

The new video is shot from a different angle. Hot gases exploding outward from the gun barrel lift Benazir’s shawl briefly and she falls down inside the vehicle.

I’m not sure about Muslim prohibitions against disinterring her, but based on this video it would seem to be the right course of action for her party to take.

Here is the video:

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Benazir Bhutto: Omar Sheikh Killed Osama Bin Laden

A very interesting video has been brought to light in which Benazir Bhutto says Omar Sheikh murdered Osama Bin Laden.

Very interesting.

AllahPundit at Hotair.com comments that “The fact that she mentions it so casually, en passant, and uses a word that’s freighted with moral condemnation like “murdered” instead of “killed” makes me strongly suspect she meant to say Sheikh murdered Daniel Pearl but because she was lost in her train of thought about the jihadis who wanted to take her out she thoughtlessly substituted Osama instead.”

Dr. Shackleford at the Jawa Report says “Apparently Bhutto knew people — very bad people — were out to kill her, but what is this deal with “Omar Shiekh” who she claims “murdered Osama bin Laden”? Either she knew something super-sikret, or she, like so many in the developing world, believed in elaborate conspiracies based on rumor and innuendo.”

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