Damaged US Warship Sinking In Sulu Sea

The Philstar says sources tell them that USS Guardian is taking on water and sinking. Most of the crew has been evacuated.

USS Guardian is sinking in Tubbataha Reefs Natural Marine Park, one of the Philippines World Heritage Sites. The vessel ran aground Thursday.

The Philstar says all crew have been evacuated and are demanding the US remove the ship immediately. Fines for violation of the World Heritage Site are being determined. At one point, some Philippines authorites announced they were going to board the vessel, but were turned back by a show of force from the ship.

This is quickly becoming an international incident of mounting proportion.

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7.6 Magnitude Quake Shakes Philippines

A strong 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines this morning triggering tsunami warnings across Asia.

I’m still trying to contact family members there. Does anyone know if tremors in Manila were strong?

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Boracay Considers Public Sex Ban

Boracay, Philippines is considering a public sex ban after some whites were seen engaging in sex acts.

I applaud Boracay officials for working to bring about some public morality. I was there recently and didn’t observe anything, but it really did appear to be a place for booze and sex.

Good move for Boracay.

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Asia Tour Going Well, Sort Of

My tour of Asia is going well except for picking up the Hong Kong funk in HK. Lots of head/chest congestion and coughing.

I’ve already visited Taipei. While there I saw a large Falun Gong protest, saw some placards showing torture victims, very sad. I wonder why China considers Falun Gong such a threat?

Hong Kong was nice, but Kowloon was a much better area. Xia Fei in K11 has awesome food! It was so good!

I spent a few days in Hong Kong and will now spend the remainder of my time in the Philippines.

I’ll post more when I return home.

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Philippines Captures Senior Islamic Militant Tuatin Anahaly

AFP is reporting that Philippine troops have captured a senior Abu Sayyaf terrorist known as Tuatin Anahaly.

Anahaly was arrested in connection with the kidnapping of Martin Burnham, Gracia Burnham, Ediborah Yap, Guillermo Sobero, and a group of Filipinos from Dos Palmas resort in Palawan back in 2001. The Burnham’s were missionaries based in Manila.

Philippine troops later rescued Gracia Burnham and Ediborah Yap in a rescue operation in which Gracia’s husband, Martin, was killed. Guillermo Sobero was beheaded by the terrorists before the Abu Sayyaf terrorists could be located.

Gracia Burham founded the Martin and Gracia Burnham Foundation after her return to the United States.

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Powerful Bomb Explodes In Philippines’ House Of Representatives

A powerful bomb has exploded in the South Wing entrance to the Philippines’ House of Representatives.

Initials reports say there are casualties and deaths.

Full Report At EBRmx.

The Inquirer, a Philippines daily, has this report:

“I heard a loud explosion and thought at first it was thunder but realized it was too loud to be thunder,” Maza said. “When I looked out my window, I saw a vehicle on fire and near that vehicle was the car of Congresswoman Ilagan.”

The description given above looks like a suicide bomber may be involved, but it could have been a bomb in nearby parked car.

GMA News reports that House Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr said the explosion was a “Terror attack.”

The Inquirer quotes National Capital Region Police Director Gearry Barias as believing the explosion was the result of an IED.

Basilan Representative Wahab AkbarThe Inquirer now reports that Basilan Representative Wahab Akbar has died as a result of today’s bombing.

The Mindanao Examiner says Representative Wahab Akbar is a former Muslim rebel leader-turned-politician whose wife is the governor of Basilan.

Could Abu Sayyaf be behind the terror attack?

The Philippine Star has a photo of the bombing scene.

The Jawa Report is covering the terror attack as well.

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U.S. Marine Faces 40 Years For Rape Of Filipina

Lance Corporal Daniel Smith was convicted today for the rape of a Filipina. Smith faces a 40 year prison sentence in a Filipino jail and financial restitution. Smith now sits in a Makati City jail. Believe me, a Filipino jail is nothing like our cushy American jails. IT IS PRISON.

Nicole had accused Smith of raping her at the Subic Bay freeport in November 2005.

Lance Corporals Keith Silkwood and Dominic Duplantis and Staff Sergeant Chad Carpentier were acquitted for lack of evidence.

Source: INQ7

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