US Navy Fires Cruise Missiles at Syrian Base

The US Navy says it fired 59 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAMs) at various targets in Syria last night:

“A total of 59 TLAMs targeted aircraft, hardened aircraft shelters, petroleum and logistical storage, ammunition supply bunkers, air defense systems, and radars. As always, the U.S. took extraordinary measures to avoid civilian casualties and to comply with the Law of Armed Conflict. Every precaution was taken to execute this strike with minimal risk to personnel at the airfield.”

The attack was in response to a poison gas attack on Syrian civilians.

This video shows USS Porter firing its TLAMs at Syrian targets:

Video: Seaman Ford Williams

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Americans Say Slow Down Mr. President

Americans are voicing loud concerns over Obama administration desires to bomb the heck out of Syria and are telling Washington to slow down in its rush to war.

Perhaps we remember the bill of goods we were sold on Iraq. Perhaps we’re finally seeing the chaos sown through the nations by these “responsibility to protect” operations. Perhaps we’re just looking at Syria, seeing an awful cast of characters, and asking why? Why do our sons and daughters need to fight and die beside al Qaida fighters and cannibals to oust Assad?

The newly revealed fact that British companies sold nerve gas chemicals to Syria isn’t helping.

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Syria Looks To Barack Obama Win To Prop Up Regime

Syria is banking on a win by Barack Obama to prop up the ailing regime and is reaching out to his advisors.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu at INN writes, “He said that Syria wants Senator Obama to win the presidential election to help Syrian President Bashar Assad bring back prosperity to Syria, which is under American sanctions. ‘The government wants desperately for things to look under control’ in the wake of growing dissent, according to Nour.”

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Meddling Carter Snubbed By Israel

Former President Jimmy Carter is being snubbed by Israel as he meddles once again:

Fox News says:

Israel’s secret service is not providing protection to Carter during his trip there, according to the Reuters news agency. And a local official who agreed to meet with Carter told him he was “upset” that Carter planned to meet with the terror leader, The Associated Press reported.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has continued to snub Carter, and President Shimon Peres told Carter on Sunday it was a “very big mistake” to meet with Meshal.

Read The Full Story At Fox News.

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Master Terrorist Imad Mughniyeh Killed In Car Bombing

Master terrorist Imad Mughniyeh ( “The Fox” ) is dead. The notorious terrorist was killed by a car bomb in Damascus. Hezbollah is accusing Israel of the attack.

Read The Full Story At The Washington Post.

Syrian Human rights watchdog, the National Organization for Human Rights, is accusing Israel of state tetrorism in the wake of Mughniyeh’s death.

Israel is denying that it conducted the attack.


SanJoseMike said, “WE VOW NEVER TO FORGET NAVY DIVER ROBERT STETHEM.” Here are two sites remembering that brave young man:

Rusty Shackleford at the Jawa Report has a list of people Imad Mughniyeh is believed to have murdered. Check it out.

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Was Israel’s Intelligence On Syrian Program Conclusive Enough For Air Strike?

Was Israel’s Intelligence on Syria’s nuclear program conclusive enough to justify its attack? The New York Times reported yesterday on a debate within the Bush administration about just that.

I believe the intelligence was conclusive. There is no way Israel would have risked a global war based on hearsay. They knew exactly what threat they faced and took action against it.

Just like Neville Chamberlain, there are those in the US Government and other world governments that would deny a threat exists. These same people would stand in our ashes still arguing that another diplomatic initiative could avert a larger war.

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