Venezuela Says It Intercepted US Intel Plane

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez says his country’s F-16s intercepted a US P-3 intel plane that had violated its airspace.

Intercepted Aircraft Over VenezuelaImage: VTV
Intercepted Aircraft Over Venezuela

Chavez said the plane had originated from Curaçao.

The US says none of its military aircraft violated Venezuelan airspace.

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Bloggers Stop EADS CASA Military Aircraft Sale To Chavez

DefenceTalk is crediting bloggers with stopping EADS CASA from selling military aircraft to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez:

DefenceTalk—Bloggers have been credited with stopping the sale of European-made military aircraft to Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

After Spain brokered the deal with Chavez last year, bloggers targeted the state-owned aircraft company, EADS-CASA, for violating the U.S. arms embargo against Venezuela. This week, online activists generated hundreds of letters and calls into key congressional offices … .

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Mexico Stands Tall Against South America’s Bad Boy

I don’t find myself cheering Mexico that often, but I am today.

During the Summit of the Americas, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez insulted Mexican President Vicente Fox, calling him a “puppy dog of U.S. imperialism.” The two countries quite promptly recalled their ambassadors. But the Wall Street Journal revealed last Friday that Venezuelan Ambassador Vladimir Villegas wasn’t actually recalled, he was practically expelled from Mexico after President Vicente Fox “ranked his credentials.”

In my opinion, President Fox is showing himself to be a true statesman and leader. And under his leadership Mexico is standing tall against the bully of South America. President Fox, I salute you Sir.

Source: Wall Street Journal [ Why Fox’s Outrage? Chavez’s Meddling in Mexico by Mary Anastasia O’Grady November 18, 2005 page A17 ]

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Mexico And Venezuela Recall Ambassadors As Tension Grows

Mexico and Venezuela have recalled their ambassadors. Mexico is furious over Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ remark describing Mexico as a “puppy dog” of U.S. imperialism:

BBC—Mexico and Venezuela have recalled their ambassadors amid a diplomatic spat between the two countries.

Mexican President Vicente Fox announced the move minutes after Venezuela said it was ordering home its envoy. . . .

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Mexico Outraged Over Chavez “Puppy Dog” Remark

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Mexico Outraged Over Chavez “Puppy Dog” Remark

Mexico is outraged over a comment made by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and is demanding an apology:

BBC—Mexico has threatened to sever diplomatic ties with Venezuela as relations between the two worsen.

The Mexican government says President Hugo Chavez must apologise for describing his Mexican counterpart as a puppy dog for US imperialism. . . .

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